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All Exo Heroes artworks may be used in Fan-made Websites, Fan Arts and other Fan Content.

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    Policy regarding content use, including Fan Content View

    Exos Heroes Content Usage Policy

    Thank you for continuing to show support for Exos Heroes.
    LINE Games Corporation (“we”, “us” or “LINE Games”) permits the users to create and distribute the derivative works that are based on any Exos Heroes content.
    However, users must comply with the terms stipulated in this policy when using Exos Heroes content.

    1. Permitted Content
    Our content that users are permitted to use under this policy (“LINE Games Content”) is as follow:
    (1) Exos Heroes background concept and stories
    (2) Information and design concepts related to characters, locations, equipment and others (Names, Skills, etc.)
    (3) Images and videos of characters, locations, backgrounds, equipment and others (Including 3D models)
    (4) Background music (Voiceover lines are excluded)
    2. Conditions of Use
    Users must comply with the following terms when creating and distributing content that are or are likely to be regarded as derivative works of LINE Games Content (“Fan-made Content”). In case of any violation of the terms, LINE Games may ask that users cease and desist any and all use of LINE Games Content. LINE Games may also take appropriate legal actions as necessary.
    (1) Content that users are permitted to use is limited to content that is owned by LINE Games. For the avoidance of any doubt, users shall not use content owned by third parties (e.g. collaboration characters).
    (2) Users may use Fan-made Content only for non-commercial purposes.
    (3) Users shall not claim that Fan-made Content is endorsed or sponsored by LINE Games.
    (4) Users shall not create and distribute any Fan-made Content that are contrary to applicable laws or public order.
    3. LINE Games’ Use of Fan-made Content
    In consideration of our permission of the use of LINE Games Content, users hereby grant LINE Games the rights to use Fan-made Content for commercial purposes.
    LINE Games reserves the rights to edit, revise, copy, distribute, otherwise use any Fan-made Content for commercial purposes without any restrictions regardless of regions, media and/or format.
    4. Responsibility and Indemnification
    Users shall be solely responsible and liable for creating and distributing any Fan-made Content. Users shall not (i) infringe any copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights owned by third parties and (ii) violate any applicable laws and regulations. Users shall indemnify and hold LINE Games harmless against all losses, costs, liabilities and claims, damages resulting from or relating to user’s creation and/or distribution of any Fan-made Content.
    5. Amendment
    LINE Games reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to amend this policy at any time without any prior notice.