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[EVENT] Exos Heroes PC ver. Official Release Celebration, Screenshot Event

Exos Heroes
2022.05.12 Thursday 14:30

Hello. This is Exos Heroes. 


The wait is over! Exos Heroes PC version has been finally released!

In celebration of the better quality of game play and graphics,

We have prepared a new event.

It is the screenshot event where you can show off your heroes!


Please check below for more details.



[Event Period]

: May 12th (Thu) After this notice ~ May 25th (Wed) 14:59 2022 UTC


[Event Content]

: Play the PC version of Exos Heroes and take a screenshot of your favorite hero in its colorful outfit.  

Then upload the screenshot on FLOOR > ‘Event Participation Board’.

* Press ‘Alt + Enter’ key to play the game in full screen mode.


PC Client Download


[Event Reward]

: Basic Reward – Gold x200,000 + Yorm’s Special Box x1

: Reach 100 participation posts – Basic Reward + Solarseal x200 + Dye Coupon x5



- The event result will be summed up from posts from all servers (KR/GL/JP/Asia).

- Abusive language, advertisements and inappropriate comments that violate the terms of service may be deleted.

- Event reward will be sent out after the event ends and will be announced through further notice.



Enjoy Exos Heroes to the fullest now on PC!

Thank you.

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