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[Notice] April 28th (Thu) Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.04.27 Wednesday 19:40 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.


There will be an update maintenance on April 28th (Thu).


Please note that you may not access the game during the maintenance

The details are as below.


[Maintenance Period]

: April 28th (Thu) 00:00 ~ April 28th (Thu) 07:00 2022 UTC

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.



You may not access the game during the update.


[Maintenance and Update details]

*Update details may change due to unexpected issues






New Path of Trials - < Path of Raging Waves >


The journeys within Marinos are coming back as Path of Trials.

The new Path of Trials < Path of Raging Waves > will be consisted of the 12 Boss dungeons that you have battled against in Marinos.


Battle against the bosses that are now even stronger!


For a smoother story progress, the Chapter 27 story battle balance difficulty will be lowered.






Hero & Fatecore Balance Adjustment


As announced in the previous notice on the 22nd of April, the balance adjustment of the heroes and fatecores will be applied.


The heroes that will be adjusted are as below.








For more details on the balance adjustment, please check the link below






Fatecore Update


Young Prince _ Baraka is here!



▣ Fatecore Chance UP - Young Prince _ Baraka Recruit


“ Baraka from a parallel world who was successful in stopping his Master from leaving his side.

His kind heart forbids him from leaving behind anyone who is in need of help, and remains innocent when in the presence of his Master and younger brother. He hesitates to raise his blade against anyone, afraid that he might end up hurting them.”




April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 19th (Thu) 01:59 2022 UTC


[Fatecore Chance Up]

You can acquire Hero and Fatecore together with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment.





‘Young Prince _ Baraka’ is Gold-rated Fatecore.

※ The probability of recruiting in Fatecore Chance Up is 0.5%.

※ You earn 1 recruit mileage for recruiting Heroes 11 times.

※ 28 core mileages are required for guaranteed obtain.

※ There are no limits to mileage rewards that you can obtain.

※ The mileages are initialized each time the chance-up recruit is changed and it cannot be recovered.




▣ Exclusive Equipment
- Dark Sand Blade


“ Baraka’s exclusive equipment. A dagger that was forged with the rare dark sands of Wasted Red’s desert.

It was given to Rudley as a gift for decision to stay with Baraka. But when Rudley refused to accept, it was given to Baraka instead. ”



※ Exclusive Equipment can be purchased and checked in the ‘Exclusive Journal’.





Core Raid - < Sands in Time >


Another adventure in Wasted Red within the parallel world.

Core Raid < Sands in Time > will begin.

[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 11th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC


[ Content Details ]

- You can obtain Raid Coupons by challenging the Core Raid dungeons.

- There are 3 types of dungeons in Core Raid and some dungeons have a limited number of times you can clear daily.

- You can select the dungeon difficulty when entering and the amount of Levistones consumed and obtained Raid Coupons differ depending on the dungeon difficulty.


[ Core Raid Shop ]

- In the Core Raid Shop, you can purchase items with the Raid Coupons.

- Basic items will be refreshed regularly after a certain amount of time.

- Raid items are fixed therefore you will need more Raid Coupons than the basic items.

- If you purchase all the Raid items, you can receive a Step-Up reward and also refresh it to the next Raid item through Step-Up reset.


The Step-Up rewards are as follows.

Step 1: [Event] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange)

Step 2: Sparkling Enhanced Stone x1

Step 3: Recovered Article x1

Step 4: Nation Recruit Ticket x10

Step 5: Fatecore Recruit Ticket x1


‘[Event] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange)’ is given without the hero.


[Core Raid Pass]

: Core Raid Pass has missions that your can clear through the Core Raid dungeons and shpo.

: Clear the missions and obtain Pass Experience so that you can raise the pass levels.

: You can obtain the rewards that are set depending on the pass levels.

: The missions do not reset and the number of clears will be accumulated.

: Purchase the Premium Pass so that you can obtain more rewards.

: You can increase the Pass level by spending your Xes.



※ You can participate in Core Raid after clearing the Main Story Chapter 02. EP 03.

※ Raid items can be updated to the next step of Raid items by resetting Step-up.

※ Step-up reset will not be available once you have obtained all the step-up rewards.






Air Squadron Raid


The cool time after subjugating the Bone Dragon in the Air Squadron Raid will be removed.

From now, you can battle against the Bone Dragon faster and with more freedom.


Exploration – Remove Gale Battle


The battle with Gale that you could encounter during the exploration will be removed.


The ‘Solarseal’ that you could obtain by beating Gale can also be earned from the contents below.

Moreover, the battle with gale effect will be removed from the passive effect in [Event] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange).

The battle with Gale will be refurbished so that you can meet him through another content.

So, please wait a little for Gale to come back!






Holy Dragon Grounds


Holy Dragon Grounds’ battle balance will be lowered.


The Bone Dragon’s overall stats have decreased; therefore, you can proceed with the battle with more ease.


Moreover, the Quick Battle opening conditions’ difficulty has also been lowered.


All conditions regarding ‘Reach Phase 5 within limited turns x1’ have been increased by 10 turns.



To hear out more of your opinions, we have brought back the survey!


[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 8th (Sun) 19:59 2022 UTC


In this survey, we have put together questions regarding the Arkvurze and hero balance adjustment.


The survey can be participated through the banner in the top right side of the screen in Airship / World / Village.


A certain amount of reward will be sent out to those who participate in this survey.


We thank everyone who has put in their valuable opinions through the survey,

And we will do our best to provide you with more fun contents and stable service.






Exos Heroes - PC Client


Exos Heroes PC Client has finally been released!


First, to use the PC Client you will need Line Games Floor account.

You can make a FLOOR account by going to Floor homepage ‘Login > Register’ or ‘Settings > Login with FLOOR > Sign Up’ through ingame.

After that, go to ‘Settings > Login with FLOOR’ function in your current ingame account so you can connect your mobile account with Floor account.


In ‘Select Account’ screen check your account and choose whether you would like to keep the data.

The unselected account’s game data will have ‘All account information including currency and others’.

Therefore, please make your decision carefully.


When you have finished locking in your accounts together, login with your FLOOR account on the PC client that is connected to your mobile account and you can finally enjoy Exos Heroes on PC!


※ PC Client can be only played through your FLOOR account and does not support Guest login.





Hero Battle


A Hero Battle where you can acquire new stories and heroes is open.


▣ Iron Mace Outlaw - Pitbull


“ One of the four leaders of the Frost Hounds.

Demolition and Breakthrough Specialist.

Pitbull was born with a great deal of strength and caused all sorts of trouble in his childhood. Even the grown-ups couldn't handle him as he got older, so Pitbull's parents forced him to join a mercenary. At that time in North von Frosty, there were stories about Brook serving as the right-hand man of Shufraken and being the strongest man in North von Frosty. Pitbull heard about this story, and begun to admire him, yet felt a sense of competition with Brook.

After Pitbull was kicked out from the mercenaries for beating down other mercenaries, he headed to the capital to do what he had been thinking of. He made a scene saying he wanted to work under Shufraken. While he was overwhelmed by Guter, Pitbull was able to meet Brook and Shufraken, who Pitbull had been longing to meet. Shufraken asked Pitbull if he was willing to volunteer for a special experiment to be made even more powerful, and Pitbull accepted the offer. Through the experiment, Pitbull had a monster's horn transplanted onto him. The experiment was a success, and Pitbull gained even more physical strength and joined the Frost Hounds, a special force under Shufraken. Shufraken even told Pitbull that he would appoint him to more important positions once he stopped causing troubles.

So Pitbull, who had once been a troublemaker became the right-hand man of Shufraken, abiding by Frost Hounds' strict rules, while still looking up to Brook as his role model. ”


[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 11th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC


You will need Hero Battle Pass to enter.

Once the Hero Battle period ends, the Hero Battle will end.

In the point of expiry, the Hero Battle mileages that you hold will be exchanged in 1:1 ratio for Solarseal and sent to your mailbox.


Hero Battle can be played after clearing story Chapter 02. EP 06.






Yupir’s Labyrinth


[ Period ]

April 30th (Sat) 20:00 ~ May 31st (Tue) 17:59 2022 UTC


We have added some new gimmicks to May Yupir’s Labyrinth.

You may clear only one dungeon a day, and will not be able to re-enter the dungeon that you have already cleared.

Yupir’s Labyrinth will be reset every month.

※ We close Yupir’s Labyrinth 2 hours earlier so that the reset process can be done smoothly.





Exos Pass


The Exos Pass of May is opening!

Clear various missions and get rewards by rasing pass experience points!


[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 25th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC


[ What is Exos Pass ? ]

: You can obtain Pass Experience Point by clearing Exos Pass battles and missions.

: Once you level up the Pass levels by stacking Pass Experience Points, you can obtain the reward of the current level.

: Exos Pass will be opened after clearing Story 05-01.


[ Pass Battle ]

: You can obtain Pass Experience Point though clearing randomly assigned Story Dungeon.

: You can play up to 5 times a day, and the obtainable Experience Point vary depending on the difficulty.

: The entering condition may differ depending on the dungeon difficulty.

: Bonus missions will be provided for additional experience point with a certain probability.


[ Basic Mission ]

; You can obtain Pass Experience Point by clearing the randomly generated difficulty missions (EASY / NORMAL / HARD) every day.

: Incomplete missions can be renewed for a different mission by using Xes.


[ Exos Pass Reward ]

: Exos Pass consists of Free Pass and Premium Pass.

: You will need to purchase the Premium Pass to receive Premium rewards.

: Pass levels can also be raised by using Xes.

: Some parts of the Free Pass and Premium Pass rewards within Exos Pass have been changed.

: You can check the Exos Pass rewards in the game.






Cumulated Purchase Event


May’s Cumulated Purchase Event with Dorka is here!


[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 25th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC


[ Event Details and Rewards ]

Step 1 : Purchased 500 Crystals -> Golden Clock x 5

Step 2 : Purchased 1,000 Crystals -> 200,000 Gold

Step 3 : Purchased 3,000 Crystals -> Dye Coupon x 15

Step 4 : Purchased 5,000 Crystals -> [EVENT] Midnight Clef _ Dorka (Orange)

Step 5 : Purchased 10,000 Crystals -> Ultimate Orb x 10

Step 6 : Purchased 15,000 Crystals -> 4 Star Artifact Selection Ticket x1

Step 7 : Purchased 20,000 Crystals -> Nation Recruit Ticket x 20

Step 8 : Purchased 25,000 Crystals -> 5 Star Artifact Summon Ticket x1

Step 9 : Purchased 30,000 Crystals -> Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket x1



* For the Step 4 Reward, you will receive [EVENT] Midnight Clef _ Dorka (Orange)’ without the hero.

* You can select one hero out of Rachel / Bathory / Jinai / Garff / Shufraken / Dorka / Schmid / Carrie / Prithiof / Luna / Rienor from the Step 9 Reward - ‘Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket’.


※ You can get your currency from the event rewards by pressing ‘Receive Reward’ and it will be provided through the mailbox.

※ 7 days after the item purchase date, you may not be able to withdraw from the subscription.

※ Event items that were lost after the mailbox expiry date will not be recovered.

※ Rewards that were not collected after the event period has ended will not be recovered.

※ If a minor has purchased an item under their name without a legal representative’s permission, the purchase may be canceled.







Convenience Improvements and Etc


▣ Exclusive Equipment – Purchase Limit Removed


The limited number of purchase (once) for the Exclusive Equipment has been changed to no limits.



▣ Core Memory – Auto Removal Condition Changed


The condition for auto removal of the Core Memory with non-accessing user has been changed.





Bug Fix


ㆍ Hero

- Karin : Addressed the issue where Karin’s Active 2 skill information was appearing abnormally. There are no issues regarding the usage of the actual skill in game.

ㆍ Fatecore

  - [Forgotten Memory] Theme Fatecore : Addressed the issue where heroes that are equipped with this Fateocre attack, the Fatecore’s Passive skill effect’s (Old Wound) additional damage applies to only 1 enemy.



ㆍ Arkvurze

  - Addressed the issue where you could have more than 1 Mythic Grade heroes in the team.


ㆍ Quantum Raid

- Addressed the issue where you could not obtain the Titles regarding your rank on Quantum Raid.


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