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[Notice] May 26th (Thu) Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.05.25 Wednesday 19:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

There will be an update maintenance on May 26th (Thu).

Please note that you may not access the game during the maintenance.

The details are as below.

[Maintenance Period]

: May 26th (Thu) 00:00 ~ May 26th (Thu) 07:00 2022 UTC

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.


You may not access the game during the update.

[Maintenance and Update details]

*Update details may change due to unexpected issues

Hero & Fatecore Balance Adjustment

As announced in the previous notice on the 23rd of May, the balance adjustment of the heroes and fatecores will be applied.

The heroes that will be adjusted are as below.

ㆍ Misty

ㆍ Rood

ㆍ Bitru

For more details on the balance adjustment, please check the link below

Mythic Hero Selection Re’ & Mythic Challenge Mission Update

Another chance to recruit a Mythic hero!

Mythic Hero Selection Re’ is here!

▣ Mythic Hero Selection Re’

Mythic Hero Selection Re’ is a recruit content where you can select the Mythic hero of your choice and try to recruit with the increased chance of pulling.

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the Update ~ June 29th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC

[ Mythic Hero Selection Re’ ]

You can select the Mythic hero from the list to recruit.

The hero that you have selected cannot be changed.

In Mythic Hero Selection Re’, you will need the same Mythic Hero Recruit Ticket that you had used for the Mythic Recruit.

[ Step Up Reward ]

There is the Step-Up reward similar to the Mythic Recruit,

You can obtain the Step-Up reward that goes up every 11 recruits and there are up to 5 step up rewards in the Mythic Hero Selection Re’.

In this Mythic Hero Selection Re’, you can obtain ‘Black Fatecore Recruit Ticket’ as a reward for all steps.

[ Precautions ]

※ The probability of recruiting in Fatecore Chance Up is 0.5%.

※ You will need the Mythic recruit tickets to recruit and 1 Mythic mileage will be given per 1 recruit.

※ 280 Mythic mileages are required for guaranteed obtain.

※ The Mythic mileage reward can be received every 280 mileages maximum 3 times.

※ The mileages are initialized when the chance-up recruit ends and it cannot be recovered

※ Mythic Hero Selection Re’ Step Up rewards will reset when the event period ends and it cannot be recovered.

▣ Mythic Challenge Mission

An event to obtain a Mythic hero!

The Mythic Challenge Mission is here!

In this Mythic Challenge Mission, the hero that you have selected for the Mythic Hero Selection Re’ will appear in the events screen.

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 29th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

[ Daily Mission ]

Clear the daily mission to obtain ‘Goblet of Holy Fire’.

The daily mission clear records will be initialized everyday so that you can try and obtain the Goblet of Holy Fire.

[ Daily Reward ]

The daily rewards are the number of rewards that you can obtain by using the Goblet of Holy Fire.

The daily reward obtained records are reset everyday and can be obtained again.

[ Event Shop ]

Items can be purchased with the obtained Goblet of Holy Fire from the event shop.

In this event shop, you can purchase various items such as the Mythic recruit ticket, Gold Fatecore memory, Ultimate Orb, Holy Water of the Universe and many more.

[ Precautions ]

※ The price and number of purchase limits differ for each item in the event shop so please check before purchasing.

※ The Goblet of Holy Fire is initialized after the event ends and it cannot be recovered.

Core Raid - < Dragon Emperor's Knights Extend >

Core Raid < Dragon Emperor’s Knights > is back in Extended version.

Don’t miss out on the stories and the mythic recruit ticket in the shop!

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 8th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

[ Core Raid Shop ]

- In the Core Raid Shop, you can purchase items with the Raid Coupons.

- Basic items will be refreshed regularly after a certain amount of time.

- Raid items are fixed therefore you will need more Raid Coupons than the basic items.

- If you purchase all the Raid items, you can receive a Step-Up reward and also refresh it to the next Raid item through Step-Up reset.

The rewards for each Step Up are as below.

‘[Event] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange)’ is given without the hero.

[Core Raid Pass]

: Core Raid Pass has missions that your can clear through the Core Raid dungeons and shop.

: Clear the missions and obtain Pass Experience so that you can raise the pass levels.

: You can obtain the rewards that are set depending on the pass levels.

: The missions do not reset and the number of clears will be accumulated.

: Purchase the Premium Pass so that you can obtain more rewards.

: You can increase the Pass level by spending your Xes.


※ You can participate in Core Raid after clearing the Main Story Chapter 02. EP 03.

※ Raid items can be updated to the next step of Raid items by resetting Step-up.

※ Step-up reset will not be available once you have obtained all the step-up rewards.

Village – Mini Game Update

2 new mini games have been added to the ‘Mini Game’ menu in the village.

There will be new ranking system and Titles added regarding the Mini games.

▣ B.I.N.G.O!

‘B.I.N.G.O!’ is a mini game that you can play in Story Chapter 21. EP 08.

You were only able to play it once, but now feel free to play it anytime from the Mini Games menu!

B.I.N.G.O! is a 3 x 3 bingo game where you can play with the Exos Heroes heroes.

There are 5 rounds in the Bingo game.

In each round, 4 points are given per line and when the game begins the heroes on the bingo board will change randomly.

The types and numbers of heroes in each line will be decided and the multiplier is applied to the 4 points given according to the bingo.

When all points of the lines are added up, you will be given a choice to proceed with the Double Chance game.

Double chance game will a game where you have to choose whether the card is high or low.

Every time you get the right answer, the obtained points will increase double

If you fail in the double chance game, you will earn 0 points.

Your reward and rank will decided depending on the points that you have earned throughout the 5 rounds.

B.I.N.G.O! will be added to the Mini Game menu after your have cleared Story Chapter 21. EP 08.

▣ Enter the Password!

‘Enter the Password!’ is a mini game that you can play in Story Chapter 21. EP 15.

Enter the Password! is a game where you guess a 4-digit code consisting of the national symbol of Exos Heroes.

Each of the 4 slots is engraved with 10 national emblems.

You can change the patterns by moving the slots up and down.

After setting the 4 emblems, pull the lever on the right.

By examining the 4 patterns set, the lamp color will show how close you are to the correct answer.

The ranks will be decided depending on how fast you get the right answer.

Enter the Password! will be added to the Mini game after clearing Story Chapter 21. EP 15.

▣ Hall of Fame & 2 New Titles Added

A new ranking system in Mini Game, ‘Hall of Fame’ will be added.

The Hall of Fame will have the Top 1 ~ 3 users who have the best scores all of time.

The Hall of Fame ranks will not be initialized and will be renewed every time a new higher record is made.

New titles related to the new mini games will be added.

The new titles and obtaining conditions are as below.

Story Info Box Improvement

The story info box has been improved so that it is easier to use.

The Chapter scroll view will be added on the top of the screen for easier movement.

PC Client Improvement

2 functions have been improved so that you can use the PC Client more conveniently.

▣ Resolution Setting & Screen Mode Setting Functions Added

There will be functions provided for setting the resolution and screen mode in the PC client.

The list of applicable resolution to your display device will be shown.

There will be Full screen mode / Full window mode / Window mode for the screen mode.

In the case of the Full screen mode, the optimal resolution will be applied so that the quality doesn't go down.

In the PC client you can control the size of the screen with your mouse and change to full screen with the Alt + Enter keys.

▣ Screenshot Function Added

Through the ‘Print Screen’ key on your keyboard, you can screenshot the image in the same resolution and screen mode.

The screenshot image will be saved to the ‘Screenshots’ folder in Exos Heroes installation folder.


The third survey will begin to hear out your opinions!

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 5th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

In this survey, we have put in questions about the PC client and hero balance adjustment.

The survey can be participated through the banner popup on the right side of the screen in Airship / World / Village.

A small reward will be sent out to everyone who participated.

We thank everyone for all your valuable opinions,

And we will do our best to make the game with more fun contents based on your opinions.

Eternal Bond

Here are the 19th Eternal Bond heroes.

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 24th (Fri) 19:59 2022 UTC

[ Bond Heroes ]

For the 19th Eternal Bond, you can choose between 『Rachel』 and 『Bathory』.

Air Squadron Battle

A new season of Air Squadron Battle is beginning!

[ Period ]

May 29th (Sun) 20:00 ~ June 26th (Sun) 18:59 2022 UTC

[ Air Squadron Battle ]

Air Squadrons that have at least 10 members and have completed applying to participate every week can take part in the Battle.

Every week, the Air Squadron buff effect will be applied to certain heroes.


※ There needs to be at least 10 Air Squadron members for the Master to apply to the Air Squadron for the Battle.

※ Only users who have participated in the Air Squadron Battle and Raid total of 14 times can receive the rewards.

※ There are no banned heroes in this Air Squadron Battle season.

Hero Battle

A Hero Battle where you can acquire new stories and heroes is open.

▣ Young Student from the East - 『Heowon』

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 8th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

You will need Hero Battle Pass to enter.

Once the Hero Battle period ends, the Hero Battle will end.

In the point of expiry, the Hero Battle mileages that you hold will be exchanged in 1:1 ratio for Solarseal and sent to your mailbox.

Hero Battle can be played after clearing story Chapter 02. EP 06.

Yupir’s Labyrinth

We have added some new gimmicks to the June Yupir’s Labyrinth.

[ Period ]

May 31st (Tue) 20:00 ~ June 30th (Thu) 17:59 2022 UTC

Exos Pass

The Exos Pass of June is opening!

Clear various missions and get rewards by raising pass experience points!

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 29th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC

[ What is Exos Pass ? ]

: You can obtain Pass Experience Point by clearing Exos Pass battles and missions.

: Once you level up the Pass levels by stacking Pass Experience Points, you can obtain the reward of the current level.

: Exos Pass will be opened after clearing Story 05-01.

[ Exos Pass Reward ]

: Exos Pass consists of Free Pass and Premium Pass.

: You will need to purchase the Premium Pass to receive Premium rewards.

: Pass levels can also be raised by using Xes.

: Some parts of the Free Pass and Premium Pass rewards within Exos Pass have been changed.

: You can check the Exos Pass rewards in the game.

Cumulated Purchase Event

June’s Cumulated Purchase Event with Luna is here!

[ Period ]

May 26th (Thu) After the update ~ June 29th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC

[ Event Details and Rewards ]

Step 1 : Purchased 500 Crystals -> Golden Clock x 5

Step 2 : Purchased 1,000 Crystals -> 200,000 Gold

Step 3 : Purchased 3,000 Crystals -> Dye Coupon x 15

Step 4 : Purchased 5,000 Crystals -> [EVENT] Acrobat _ Luna (Orange)

Step 5 : Purchased 10,000 Crystals -> Ultimate Orb x 10

Step 6 : Purchased 15,000 Crystals -> ★4 Artifact Selection Ticket x1

Step 7 : Purchased 20,000 Crystals -> Nation Recruit Ticket x 20

Step 8 : Purchased 25,000 Crystals -> 5 Star Artifact Summon Ticket x1

Step 9 : Purchased 30,000 Crystals -> Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket x1

* For the Step 4 Reward, you will receive ‘[EVENT] Acrobat _ Luna (Orange)’ without the hero.

* You can select one hero out of Rachel / Bathory / Jinai / Garff / Shufraken / Dorka / Schmid / Carrie / Prithiof / Luna / Rienor from the Step 9 Reward - ‘Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket’.

※ You can get your currency from the event rewards by pressing ‘Receive Reward’ and it will be provided through the mailbox.

※ 7 days after the item purchase date, you may not be able to withdraw from the subscription.

※ Event items that were lost after the mailbox expiry date will not be recovered.

※ Rewards that were not collected after the event period has ended will not be recovered.

※ If a minor has purchased an item under their name without a legal representative’s permission, the purchase may be canceled.

Convenience Improvement & Etc.

▣ Attendance Condition Improved

We have made amendments where the Attendance was not cleared in certain conditions even when you have accessed the game.

You were unable to participate in the Attendance mission if you have logged in before the update or temporary maintenance.

From now, we have made it so that you can participate in the attendance mission even if you access the game in such condition.

▣ Airship Theme – 2 New Themes Added

2 new Airship themes will be added.

▣ Season 5 Hero Growth Guide – Period Extended

Season 5 Hero Growth Guide schedule will be extended as stated below.

Bug Fixes

ㆍ Hero

- Misty : Addressed the issue where Misty’s hair is shown abnormally in the PC client.

- Prithiof : Addressed the issue where Prithiof’s modelling is shown abnormally when he is set as the representing hero and enter the Village.

ㆍ Fatecore

- Young Empress of Brunn _ Carrie : Addressed the issue where the voice and effects are not applied when equipping this Fatecore and attacking in basic mode.

- Young Prince _ Baraka : Addressed the issue where Baraka’s voice does not appear.

[Forgotten Memory] Theme Fatecore : Addressed the issue where the passive skill 'Old Wounds' effect is applied abnormally.

ㆍHero Recruit

- Addressed the issue where the text font is shown abnormally in the Hero Recruit screen on the PC client.

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