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Director's Note

[Director’s Note] New Story & Contents Improvement

Exos Heroes
2022.03.23 Wednesday 12:40 (UTC + 9)


This is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.


In this director's note, we would like to share with you the new story update, convenience improvements and a comeback.

 The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP.

Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.





New Story - < Chapter. 27 Garden of Resting Dragon >



Vaikal Empire had started to separate from the Dragon Emperor whom have turned their backs.


One thing that melted the empires heart was a Violet.


The story of Vaikal Empires past is continued in < Chapter. 27 Garden of Resting Dragon >


For an easier story progress, the story Chapter 26s battle balance will be lowered.





Quantum Raid - < AD. Son Land >



Art Director Son is planning to revenge for his invasion of the Exos continent.


The Quantum Raid with AD. Son is coming back with April fools as if it was a lie!


In the Quantum Raid < Son AD Land >, with the new hero ‘Rienor’, you will be fighting against AD. Son who is dreaming to conquer over the Exos continent.


Quantum Raid is an action control genre mini game event where you form a team with the SD heroes and go through the dungeons by fighting the enemies and boss.



From this event, ‘Quantum Arena’ will not be open and to make up for the absence of this content we have prepared more abundant rewards.


In the Quantum Raid Shop, we have specially prepared a special Orange Fatecore for Bitru!



For those of you who have missed out on the chance to get Bitru through the Mythic recruit, we will be extending the recruit period to extra 2 weeks.

For more details, we will let you know through the regular update notice.



Not only Bitru’s Fatecore, we are preparing to bring back the last April fool’s day celebration Fatecore through various contents so please stay with us!


Last but not least, a special curse of the returning AD. Son is also waiting for you.

So please wait just a little more fore the content to come!





New Artifact


6 new Artifacts are in preparation to bring new strategies into the battles!


The new Artifacts will be 1 Attack type / 1 Chaos type / 2 Defense types / 2 Support types.


We are thinking of making these new Artifacts to protect the allies and support effects to develop viability. For more details, we will let you know through the regular update notice.


Along with the appearance of the new artifacts, the Chance Up Summon event will also open.


For more strategies to be used in the battles, we will continue to look into more Artifacts to support your game play.







The PvP content Arkvurze where you can battle against other users in live is coming back!


We have made many revisions for a stable Arkvurze.


Especially on the server issues that was causing the hassle in the previous Arkvurze.


After additional test preparations, you will be able to meet the content after the next regular update.






Door to Creation – Exclusive Equipment Combine Craft


As the growth function of the exclusive equipment is gone, the ways to use the duplicate exclusive equipment had reduced.


For this, we are adding a craft book where you can combine the duplicating exclusive equipment.


Use a certain amount of currency with the 2 exclusive equipment to combine and earn 1 random exclusive equipment of the same grade.


The exclusive equipment you have used as material will not appear in the obtain result.


Use the exclusive equipment that you already have to obtain a new exclusive equipment!





Exos Heroes – PC Client Version


We are preparing a PC client version of Exos Heroes where you can enjoy the game in a different environment.


You can experience PC Exos Heroes in a more pleasant environment.


If you have already connected your accounts, you can use those accounts in PC.


Currently, we are at the finishing stage of development.

We will make sure to bring the PC version to you as soon as possible.





Get The Red! - < Midnight Legato _ Prithiof >


Clear missions and get various rewards including the Red Fatecore in Get the RED!


The sixth Red Fatecore will be < Midnight Legato _ Prithiof >.


Please show some love towards Prithiof who has come back with the soft charisma on the battlefield.


Eternal Bond


Here are the heroes of the 17th Eternal Bond.


You can meet Prithiof and Jinai in the next Eternal Bond.



Convenience Improvement


▣ Alliance – Alliance Point Holding Increase


When you are sharing friendship with your alliances, the alliance points seem to be full before you know it.


For an efficient management of alliance points, we will be increasing the maximum holding up to 1,500.




▣ Smart Exploration  Cancel Progress Function Added


The Smart Exploration is a content in the World menu where you can get items and grow your heroes even after you have closed the game.

However, if you have started the Smart Exploration, there is no way to cancel it so the game is automatically closed after 5 seconds.


In order to prevent this, we will be adding a cancel function in the Smart Exploration.


When the game is being closed after the countdown, you can cancel the Smart Exploration and continue enjoying the game.





Closing Comment


Hello. This is Director Young-Zun Choi.


First of all, thank you so much for sending in your opinions through the survey.


As we have shared with you the purpose of this survey, we are planning to take all your opinions into account and improve the convenience matters and game balance.


We will do our best to come up with updates by going thoroughly into your opinions.


Thank you to everyone who has been showing love and support towards Exos Heroes.


We will make sure to do our best in providing you all a stable game service.


Thank you.

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