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[Notice] Fatecore Chance UP - 『Prophecy Carrier _ Griesel』 Recruit

Exos Heroes
2022.04.20 Wednesday 16:00


“ Griesel of the past who challenged fate in order to become the head of the Blue Deer Tribe.

She began training her weak self to turn the prophecy into reality. “



April 21st (Thu) After the maintenance ~ April 27th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC


[Fatecore Chance Up]

You can acquire Hero and Fatecore together with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment.



■ Buff to Defense heroes when holding Fatecore Prophecy Carrier _ Griesel

■ Buff Change according to Fusion Grade of Fatecore Prophecy Carrier _ Griesel


The blue fatecore buff effect will be strengthened when you proceed with Blue Fatecore fusion.

During grades, A through E are randomly determined and changed to the Maximum/Minimum range values accordin to the capability.

If more than once, it will be randomly determined among the higher fusion levels than the current level.



Prophecy Carrier _ Griesel’ is Blue-rated Fatecore

The probability of recruiting in Fatecore Chance Up is 0.5%.

You earn 1 recruit mileage for recruiting Heroes 11 times.

28 core mileages are required for guaranteed obtain.

There are no limits to mileage rewards that you can obtain.

The mileages are initialized each time the chance-up recruit is changed and it cannot be recovered.




▣ Exclusive Equipment - Oracle


“ Griesel’s exclusive weapon. A shamanistic spear that has been passed down the Blue Deer tribes. It holds the hope to guide the wielder across a rough future. ”


※ Exclusive Equipment can be purchased and checked in the ‘Exclusive Journal’.

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