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Director's Note

[Director’s Note] New Path of Trials & Contents Improvement

Exos Heroes
2022.04.21 Thursday 16:00 (UTC + 9)


This is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.


In this director's note, we would like to share with you the new path of trials improvements.

The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP.

Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.





New Path of Trials - < Path of Raging Waves >


After the last update, all the stories prepared in Season 5 were revealed.

In Season 5, Bitru was released from the seal and the secret story of the Baikal Empire and Emperor Accor was revealed.

A breathtaking development has continued.


In the update, 'Path of Trials - ', which once again attacks the bosses met in Season 5, will be added.

For easier story progress, the story Chapter 27s battle balance will be lowered.





New Artifact


We are preparing 4 new artifacts for more exciting battlefields.


This new artifact is planned as 1 type of attack type / 2 types of chaos type / 1 types of defensive type,

We are also preparing 4-star artifacts that are relatively easy to acquire.


For more strategies to be used in the battles, we will continue to look into more Artifacts to support your game play.








Through the survey conducted in March, we were able to get to know your various thoughts and opinions.

We have provided valuable opinions from 12,000 people. Thank you very much.


We would like to briefly share the results of the survey and tell you about our review of the results.



System changes after season 5 update


After the Season 5 update, the combat system and hero system have changed.


The results of the preference survey for changes in the system are as follows.


We've sent you concerns about the changed combat system and balance in the open-ended questions.


We will thoroughly analyze the feedback before and after Season 5, and prepare to satisfy you in the next update.



Hero balance adjustment


The results of the performance investigation on the balance adjustment of Dorka / Shell / Jinn / Baileysh are as follows. 


Many opinions flocked to the item ‘don’t know, it was difficult to find a big meaning.


Questions about how to adjust the hero's balance will be conducted after sufficient time has elapsed after the adjustment has been made.

We'll also tweak the multiple-choice view to get meaningful results.



Heroes who need balance adjustment


The results of our investigation on heroes that we think need balance adjustment are as follows.

Because the questionnaire was subjective, so many different heroes could be mentioned, and it took time to count due to multiple responses and typos.


When planning the balance adjustment, we will do our best to actively reflect it along with the various values of the in-game battlefield.



Favorite Hero


The results of our survey of our favorite heroes are summarized below.

Dorka and Bathory took first and second place on the favorite hero chart.

In addition to the above 10 heroes, as many as 30 other heroes obtained votes, and the battle for the middle and lower ranks was fierce.


Since it was subjective, we were able to find a lot of people who answered with 'All Heroes of Exos Heroes' instead of the hero's name.


Unfortunately, we could not include it in the count, but we were able to deeply empathize with the support and affection that users send to our Exos Heroes.


We will continue to do our best to show you heroes and Exos Heroes that you can love even more.



Improvements and new content


Finally, about improvements and new content.


As for the content that needs improvement, you've given us a lot of thought about almost all aspects of Exos Heroes.


Since there are so many types, I think it will be difficult to improve all the contents at once.


We will spend enough time to meticulously improve the fundamental characteristics of content, such as UI convenience, equipment system, and Wug Run Fest.


Considering the importance and factors necessary for planning and development, we will proceed with improvement sequentially from this update.


Many users also provided their opinions on new content.


First of all, we ask for your understanding that it is practically impossible to materialize all opinions.


We select a topic that has received a lot of sympathy from the opinions you have provided and plan new content in consideration of its feasibility.


We will inform you about the notice of new content through the director's note in the near future





Air Squadron Raid  


Air Squadron team is a competitive content that challenges the bone dragon subjugation seen together.


After killing the bone dragon, it takes about 3 hours to prepare for the next one.

Other air squadron members were also unable to proceed with the subjugation.


We'll be removing the 3 hours wait with an update.

You can freely challenge the subjugation, and I think you will be able to reach the last Bone Dragon quickly.






Core Memory


Core memory is one of the core powers that together make the hero stronger.


In order to maintain power, colleagues who share the core memory are also important.

You have to constantly check that the alliance and air squadron relationship continue, and that the colleague has not been logged in for more than 7 days.


However, it is not always easy for all of your companions to be ready to continue the adventure.


Accordingly, the air squadron connection period during which the core memory is automatically released has been extended to 14 days.


We will continue to review from various directions so that adventures with colleagues who will come back can continue.






Exploration - Remove Gale Battle


Exploration is a way to grow heroes and obtain various rewards without directly playing the game.


The battle with Gale, which you can meet during the exploration, was a hidden element added to turn the boredom of the search into anticipation.


We found out that fatigue can occur, and through the survey, we were able to find out what a lot of users sympathize with.


We plan to remove Gale so that it no longer appears in the exploration.

The ‘Solarseals’, which was obtained by defeating Gale, is being prepared so that it can be obtained more easily through other content.


We will be refurbishing it so that we can meet again through other content, so please wait for Gale to return.






Holy Dragon Ground – Lover Difficulty Level


The Holy Dragon Grounds that the core content that you can acquire equipment, and we have improved it so that you can easily acquire and grow equipment through quick battles.


We were able to the opinion that the difficulty and repeated play to obtain higher-grade equipment needed improvement.


We plan to downgrade the battle balance of the dungeon and the conditions for opening quick battles.


We think many users will be able to clear the initial growth stage easily.






Exos Heroes – PC Client


In the last notice, we conveyed the news of the preparation of the PC client for Exos Heroes.


Many people have expressed their support and expectations for the PC client release, but we apologize for the delay in the release.


Inadequate parts were discovered in the PC client release, so the release schedule was inevitably delayed.


Please wait a little longer for Exos Heroes, which can be enjoyed more comfortably in the PC environment.






Eternal Bond


The 18th Eternal Bond Binding Target is revealed in advance.


Next you can meet Shufraken and Schmid.







Convenience Improvement


Exclusive Equipment - Remove the limit on the number of purchases


With the addition of the exclusive equipment synthesis recipe, it is now possible to utilize the exclusive equipment acquired in duplicate.


Exclusive equipment can only be purchased once, so there was a problem that it would be difficult to obtain again if the purchased exclusive equipment was consumed.


Changes the number of purchases of exclusive equipment to an unlimited number of times.







Closing Comment


This is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.

This director's notes consist of improvements and corrections for the parts that were inconvenient in the existing content and the parts related to balance.


We will collect feedback from users such as surveys to increase improvements.


We are currently preparing a new season 6.


We will work hard so that the same results as in season 5 do not repeat themselves.


Please look forward to it.

Thank you!

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