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[EVENT] Cumulated Purchase Event

Exos Heroes
2022.04.27 Wednesday 19:40


May’s Cumulated Purchase Event with Dorka is here!


[ Period ]

April 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ May 25th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC


[ Event Details and Rewards ]

Step 1 : Purchased 500 Crystals -> Golden Clock x 5

Step 2 : Purchased 1,000 Crystals -> 200,000 Gold

Step 3 : Purchased 3,000 Crystals -> Dye Coupon x 15

Step 4 : Purchased 5,000 Crystals -> [EVENT] Midnight Clef _ Dorka (Orange)

Step 5 : Purchased 10,000 Crystals -> Ultimate Orb x 10

Step 6 : Purchased 15,000 Crystals -> 4 Star Artifact Selection Ticket x1

Step 7 : Purchased 20,000 Crystals -> Nation Recruit Ticket x 20

Step 8 : Purchased 25,000 Crystals -> 5 Star Artifact Summon Ticket x1

Step 9 : Purchased 30,000 Crystals -> Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket x1



* For the Step 4 Reward, you will receive [EVENT] Midnight Clef _ Dorka (Orange)’ without the hero.

* You can select one hero out of Rachel / Bathory / Jinai / Garff / Shufraken / Dorka / Schmid / Carrie / Prithiof / Luna / Rienor from the Step 9 Reward - Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket.


You can get your currency from the event rewards by pressing Receive Reward and it will be provided through the mailbox.

7 days after the item purchase date, you may not be able to withdraw from the subscription.

Event items that were lost after the mailbox expiry date will not be recovered.

Rewards that were not collected after the event period has ended will not be recovered.

If a minor has purchased an item under their name without a legal representatives permission, the purchase may be canceled.



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