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[Notice] How to Connect Exos Heroes PC Client (For users who have mobile accounts)

Exos Heroes
2022.05.04 Wednesday 16:37

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

This is an announcement on a more precise steps for connecting your mobile account with the PC client.


Please check below for the details.


[Exos Heroes Connecting Steps]

Step1. Access the game with your mobile account with the previously used device (mobile).


Step2. Goto Settings -> Account menu


Step3. Touch the ‘Log in with Floor’ button.


Step4. A FLOOR account connecting popup will appear if you select the ‘Login with FLOOR’ button.


Step5. Login to the FLOOR account with the mobile account that you would like to connect to.


Step6. If you have entered your ID(email) and PW, an email with the verification number will be sent to your FLOOR account email.


Step7. After entering the verification number, the FLOOR account connection popup will appear.

*You may not disconnect the FLOOR account once it is connected to the mobile account. So please make sure you check thoroughly before touching the connect button.


Step8. You can check all the servers and nicknames that are linked to the account.

*The FLOOR account information that you are using will be shown in a list form and once you have played 1 game through FLOOR, the number of characters that you hold will be shown as 1.

*Tick the boxes that are in front of the accounts that you would like to bring to the FLOOR account and touch .

Step9. Now that your account is connected, you can enjoy the game through the FLOOR launcher on the PC client.

[Exos Heroes PC Version TIP]

- Move around the Worldmap by using the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard.

- Use the ESC key on your keyboard to skip the story screens or to go the previous screen.

- If you are playing on the Windows OS environment, use the Alt + Enter key on your keyboard to set it on full screen.
If you use the Alt + Enter key one more time, the game screen size will go back to before.

Your screen resolution may be low if you enlarge the screen size when it was already small. This is because the full screen mode will be enlarged from the size that you are currently using.

We are in the process of developing a better environment for you to enjoy the game in full screen. Please kindly wait for it to come. 😊


Thank you.

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Please check before starting the game!

  • If the Launcher is not installed, please clickInstall Launcher, and if the Launcher is installed, please click Start Game
  • If there is no reaction after pressing the "Start Game" button, please check if the Launcher is properly installed.
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