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[EVENT] Hero Battle <Executor of Justice _ Hawkeye> OPEN

Exos Heroes
2022.05.11 Wednesday 17:00

From this Hero Battle, you will be able to obtain Hawkeye and see the new story.



May 11th (Wed) 20:00 ~ May 25th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC



Executor of Justice _ Hawkeye


“ A loyal knight of the Royal Guards.

Hawkeye is from a military family in Lenombe, and was raised by parents with a strong sense of justice. Having been influenced by her parents, she became a person with a strong sense of justice and joined the royal guards as a knight just like she had dreamed.

Hawkeye is stubborn, rises above anything unjust, and completes any task that she is in charge of no matter what. Because of her nature, she experiences conflicts often. Nonetheless, there are many who trust her. Hawkeye is proud of her personality and would say that she will never change.

She also experienced discord with her superiors and was almost punished. However, it was her boss Rudley, the captain of the royal guards, who protected her. Hawkeye joined the Royal Guards when Rudley had just become the captain, and it was Rudley who taught her swordsmanship. For Hawkeye, Rudley was a teacher worthy of respect and the most trusted boss.

After Rudley quit managing the royal guards and took charge of King's Guards, Hawkeye was a bit sad but stayed in her place thinking everyone had somewhere they belonged. However, Hawkeye thought Rudley was changing over time; the righteous and cold-blooded captain, who always prioritized his mission had disappeared; Rudley was becoming demoralized by little things more often. Seeing Rudley lose himself, Hawkeye made sure not to change herself.

She is still a knight of the royal guards, keeping her faith by all means. “


*The earned Hero Battle content mileage will be exchanged to Solarseal in 1:1 ratio at the end of the event.

*You need a dedicated ticket to enter the Hero Battle content.

*The mileages you earned are initialized at the end of the event.

*Hero Battle content opens after clearing Main Story 02-06.

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