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Director's Note

[Director’s Note] Mythic Hero Selection Re’ Update & Contents Improvement

Exos Heroes
2022.05.19 Thursday 16:35 (UTC + 9)


This is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.



In this director's note, we would like to share with you the Mythic Hero Chance Up Recruit Event and various convenience improvements.

※ The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP.

Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.




Mythic Hero Selection Re’


The new recruit event “Mythic Hero Selection Re’“ where you can choose a Mythic hero you prefer to pull is here!


The mythic heroes will only be acquired through the mythic recruit so it was hard to say that it is easy to obtain mythic heroes when you miss the recruit.


Therefore, we have prepared the Mythic Hero Selection Re’ so that you can all meet the mythic heroes again.

In this first Mythic Hero Selection Re’, you can choose from Misty / Rood / Bitru.


Use your ‘Mythic Hero Recruit Ticket’ to obtain them equal to the tickets you used for the Mythic Recruit.



Earn 1 Mythic mileage per Mythic Recruit Ticket used, and with 280 Mythic mileage you will be guaranteed 1 Mythic hero that you have chosen.


The Mythic mileage reward can be received every 280 mileages maximum 3 times.


Moreover, you can also obtain the Step-Up reward that goes up every 11 recruits

The are up to 5 step up rewards in the Mythic Hero Selection Re’ and you can obtain ‘Black Fatecore Recruit Ticket’ as a reward for all steps.



Along with the Mythic Hero Selection Re’, the Mythic Challenge Mission is also opening!


The Mythic Challenge Mission is a limited time event for the Mythic Recruit.

Clear various mission and obtain Mythic Hero Recruit Ticket and Gold Fatecore Memories of the Signature Fated Heroes.



Please wait a little bit more for the return of the Mythic heroes!





New Artifact


We are preparing 2 new artifacts to provide you more strategic fun in the battles.


You can meet the newly added artifacts through the chance up summon in June.


Considering the balance adjustments of the previous artifacts and heroes we will try to prepare more interesting artifacts.





Mini Game


Do you remember clearing mini games in Story Chapter 21 instead of a normal battle to clear the episodes?


You were able to play the ‘B.I.N.G.O’ game in Chapter 21. EP 08 and ‘Crack the Code’ in Chapter 21. EP 15.


These mini games will be added to ‘Mini Game’ menu in the Village.

In the new mini games, you can obtain up to maximum of 15,000 Gold as reward a day and Titles will be added for those users who have given their best.


Moreover, the ranking system will be added to ‘Hall of Fame’ in all the mini games.

Up until now, the mini game rankings were being reset and did leave your best records.


From now, the highest score of the Rank #1 ~ #3 will stay in the Hall of Fame.


Share your records with the others now!





Story Info Box Improvement


In the Exos Heroes Story Info box, you can check various functions related to the stories.


However, as the number of stories grow we noticed that there were inconveniences in moving between Chapters.


The story info box will be improved so that it is easier to move between the Chapters.


The Chapter scroll view will be added on the top of the screen instead of the left right button.


Now you can look back at the past stories easily and look for the rewards that you missed out on for each Chapter.





PC Client Improvement


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has kindly waited for the PC client.


Many of you have shown so much support and positive reviews on the flashy graphics and smooth production that was not easy to experience in the mobile environment.


Without stopping here, we are planning to keep improving the PC clients for better and satisfying experience.


In this update, there will be 2 improvements made.



▣ Resolution Setting & Screen Mode Setting Functions Added


In the PC client you can control the size of the screen with your mouse and change to full screen with the Alt + Enter keys.


It may have been convenient but there were opinions that it is difficult to get the exact resolution.


From now the functions regarding the resolution and screen mode will be added to the PC client settings.


The list of appliable resolution to your display device will be shown.


There will be Full screen mode / Full window mode / Window mode for the screen mode.


In the case of the Full screen mode, the optimal resolution will be applied so that the quality doesn't go down.



▣ Screenshot Function Added


A faster and easier screenshot function will be added to the PC client.


Through the ‘Print Screen’ key on your keyboard, you can screenshot the image in the same resolution and screen mode.


With just 1 keyboard button you can screenshot with the best quality and will not have to go through all the hassle with the Windows basic screenshot function.







From the second survey, we were able to go through all your opinions regarding Arkvurze and the hero balance adjustment.

We sincerely thank everyone who has participated in the survey and sent in your valuable opinions.


We would like to share the result of the second survey and briefly explain our review of the results


▣ Arkvurze


Here are the results of the survey regarding Arkvurze.



Thanks to many of you who have participated in the new Arkvurze and sent in various opinions, we were able to fix the errors in short time.


Through this PRE-season we could review many aspects of the content and go through various opinions.


We were able to think more deeply about our directions regarding the Matching Rule with the Matched User / Play Reward / Team Formation UI and Process / Communication Function / Limiting Certain Heroes / Balance between Heroes / Friendly Match and Battle Balance.



We will make sure to complete the Arkvurze so that it is much more fun by sharing ours and your opinions throughout the way.



▣ Hero Balance Adjustment


Here are the results of the survey regarding balance adjustments on Rood / Rachel / Schmid / Awakened Zeon.

There were many opinions that all 4 heroes were adequately raised.


Not only the survey results, we were able to check the results of the hero balance adjustment as the usage of these heroes increased in Zebenstunier.


We will try to prepare the next heroes’ balance adjustment carefully by taking note of the survey and various indexes.



Moreover, our next survey questions will be more divided and short-answer questions will also be added so that your opinions can be taken into consideration better.






Eternal Bond


Here are the 19th Eternal Bond heroes.


You can meet Rachel and Bathory on our next Eternal Bond.

Convenience Improvement



▣ 2 New Airship Themes Added


There will be 2 new location added to the Airship theme.


‘Estoris Republic’ and ‘Wasted Red’ will be added.

Use the 2 special nations to decorate your Airship background.

▣ Attendance Check Condition Improvement


You might have experienced a frustrating situation where the time of the attendance check and the new events were not in sync.


From now, we will be improving the attendance check condition so that you do not need to go through such hassle.


It will be changed so that you will be able to participate in the attendance event as soon as you access the game any time.



▣ Season 5 Hero Growth Guide – Period Extended


The season 5 hero growth guide period will be extended to around 5 weeks.


Go check again to see if there are any missions that you had not cleared before the new Season 6 Hero Growth Guide begins.


Please look forward to the new Silver Fatecore that will be coming in the Season 6 Hero Growth Guide.






Closing Comment


Hello. This is Director Young-Zun Choi.


First of all, I would like to thank all the positive feedbacks regarding the PC client.


We will do our best to provide you a stable game service.




Exos Heroes is getting close to Season 6,

We are in the midst of preparing the Season 6 update to be made at the end of June.


In the regular update at the end of May,

the Season 6 Eve festival period will begin.


Along with the Mythic Hero Selection Re’ that we are bringing for the first time,

other Selection Re’ of various themes will be coming back!


Moreover, we are preparing various events to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Global launch so please look forward to them too!



In the Season 6 update, there will be a compulsory refund on the equipment used before the Season 5 update and a compulsory refund on the update note.


The equipment that was used before the Season 5 are the ones with the ‘LEGACY’ mark.



We believe that since the new and old equipment are in the same inventory together, it may cause some confusion.


If you are still holding onto the old equipment from before the Season 5 update, those equipment will all be disassembled and returned with appropriate amount of currency and materials.



The update note compulsory refund will be made to those users who have not accessed the game since the Season 5 update.


Those of your who have accessed the game after the Season 5 update would already have had the refund done so you will not be the target for the compulsory refund.


This is being done so that we can get rid of the unused materials and currency all at once and provide a more pleasant envrionment for you to play in.

So please kindly understand this action.



Regarding the details on the Season 6 update, we will have more information out for you in our next Director’s Note.

Please wait just a little more for the unpredictable adventure of Zeon and his crew.



Thank you!!


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