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[EVENT] Global Launch 2nd Anniversary Celebration, 2 Events

Exos Heroes
2022.05.25 Wednesday 19:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

May 28th 2022 is the 2nd birthday of Exos Heroes Global Server!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary, we have prepared 2 events.

The Congratulate event and the Special Coupon event.

Please check below for more details.

* EVENT 1 : Congratulate Event

[Event Period]

: May 26th (Thu) ~ June 1st (Wed) 14:59 2022 UTC

[Event Contents]

: Please share your congratulating messages in Community > Event Participation Board.

Extra rewards will be sent out if there are more than 50 participation posts!

[Event Reward]

: Basic Reward - Gold x300,000

Reach 50 posts – Basic Reward + Brilliant Enhance Stone x4 + Xes x200


- The event result will be summed up from all servers (KR/GL/JP/Asia).

- Abusive language, advertisements and inappropriate comments that violate the terms of service may be deleted.

- Event reward will be sent out after the event ends and will be announced through further notice.

* EVENT 2 : Special Coupon Event

[Event Period]

: May 26th (Wed) ~ June 29th (Wed) 14:59 2022 UTC

[Event Content]

: Solve the quiz below, the answer is the coupon code which you can get rewards!

Quiz. How many years anniversary is May 28th of Exos Heroes Global Launch?

Hint. 1 Number, 4 Alphabets, OOOOO

[Event Reward]

: Nation Recruit Ticket x5

[How to Participate]

■ How to use a coupon

- For AOS users

Tap ☰ icon in main menu → Settings → Account → Input Coupon

- For iOS users

Go to the link below and input a coupon.


※ The coupon is valid until May 29th (Wed) 14:59 2022 UTC

※ Coupons are not available for guest accounts

※ The reward is given straight to your mailbox

※ If you do not collect the reward within the valid period, you cannot recover it.

So don’t forget to collect them in time!

Thank you for your ongoing love and support.

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