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[Notice] June 9th (Thu) Temporary Maintenance

Exos Heroes
2022.06.08 Wednesday 15:40

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

A temporary maintenance will be held.

Please note that you may not access the game during the maintenance.

For more details, please refer to the information below.


: June 9th (Thu) 02:00 ~ 05:00 2022 UTC

* We will inform you as soon as possible when the maintenance is finished.

* The schedule may change due to unexpected issues and you cannot access during the maintenance.


: You may not access the game during the maintenance.

Choice Fatecore Re'

▣ Choice Fatecore Re' < The Great Brunn > Recruit

Choice Fatecore Re’ < The Great Brunn > recruit will open!


: June 9th (Thu) After the maintenance ~ June 16th (Thu) 01:59 2022 UTC

[Choice Fatecore Re’]

During a limited period, you can choose one of the Fatecore and recruit.

Your first recruit will cost 200 Xes and you will need 700 Xes after the first recruit.

Choice Fatecore cannot be changed after the selection.


※ From the Choice Fatecore Re’ , you may choose one of the ‘『Dominator NEOMI』, 『Black and White Ogre ULOOM』, 『Fully Bloomed Blue Cotton BERNAVAS 』.

※ The obtain rate for the hero that you have selected in the Choice Fatecore Re’ is 0.5% for Gold Fatecore and 0.7% for Black Fatecore.

※ For every 11 recruits, you will obtain 1 core mileage.

※ For a guaranteed obtain 28 core mileages are required for Gold Fatecore and 19 for Black.

※ The core mileage will be deleted when Choice Fatecore Re’ ends.

※ The initialized mileage will be not recovered.

Hero Battle

▣ Blazing Sorceress - 『ANNIE 』

A Hero Battle where you can acquire new stories and heroes is open.


June 9th (Thu) After the update ~ June 22nd (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

You will need Hero Battle Pass to enter.

Once the Hero Battle period ends, the Hero Battle will end.

In the point of expiry, the Hero Battle mileages that you hold will be exchanged in 1:1 ratio for Solarseal and sent to your mailbox.

Hero Battle can be played after clearing story Chapter 02. EP 06.

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