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[Notice][Complete] July 28th (Thu) Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.07.27 Wednesday 16:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

There will be an update maintenance on July 28th (Thu).

Please note that you may not access the game during the maintenance.

The details are as below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

: July 28th (Thu) 00:00 ~ July 28th (Thu) 06:00 06:30 08:00 2022 UTC

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.

[ Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update

[ Maintenance and Update Details ]

*Update details may change due to unexpected issues.

New Package

New Story - < Chapter 29. Keeper of Promises >

The massive chaos that seemed to engulf the continent extended to Wasted Red and Saint West.

Who is the one that came to those who will have to face the disaster?

The continuing catastrophe of Dragon Emperor Accor’s continues in the story < Chapter 29. Keeper of Promises >.

For an easier story progress Story Chapter 28 difficulty will be lowered.

Chapter 29’s EP 01 ~ 06 will be about Wasted Red and EP 07 ~ 13 will be based on Saint West background.

However, for the convenience of game play, all stories and daily quests will be continued in Wasted Red.

New Hero Update

『Vladimir 』 is here!

▣ Hero Chance Up - 『Vladimir 』 Recruit

“ A prisoner who is locked away at the deepest part of Lenombe's dungeon.

There aren't a lot of people who know of Vladmir's real identity.

But most people can assume how much of threat she possesses from her position

at the highest security room in the dungeon, along with all the tattoos that cover her body.

But to those who know the truth, she is a complicated figure.

She voluntarily gave herself up and imprisoned herself, while endlessly blaming herself in agony

about the things she have done. Such actions almost make her seem like an ascetic searching for a savior.

That is why it will take much longer before she can step away from her chains.

Because she is the one who does not forgive herself the most. ”

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 11th (Thu) 01:59 2022 UTC

[ Hero Chance Up Recruit ]

* You can acquire the Hero with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment.

[ Precautions ]

※ ‘Vladimir’ is a Fated-grade hero.

※ The probability of recruiting in Hero Chance Up is 0.5%.

※ You earn 1 core mileage per 11 recruit.

28 core mileages are required for a guaranteed obtain.

※ There are no limits to mileage rewards that you can obtain.

※ The mileages are initialized each time the chance up recruit is changed and it cannot be recovered.


▣ Artifact Chance Up - 『Boundary of Life and Death Vivi』 Summon

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 11st (Thu) 01:59 2022 UTC

[ Artifact Chance Up ]

* Artifacts can be acquired with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment.

[ Precautions ]

※ ‘Boundary of Life and Death Vivi’ is a ‘★5’ grade Artifact.

※ In the Artifact Chance Up Summon, the chance of obtaining is 0.7%.

※ For every 11 summons, you will receive 1 Artifact mileage in the Artifact Chance Up Summon.

※ 19 mileage will guarantee you 1 ‘Boundary of Life and Death Vivi’.

※ There are no limits to the number of times you can earn mileage reward.

※ The Artifact mileage resets every time the Artifact Chance Up is changed and the initialized Artifact mileage cannot be recovered.

New Memorial Saga - < IEL > Update

The fourth story of Memorial Saga, < IEL > will be updated.

Memorial Saga - < IEL > is a story about a girl IEL revealing her secret in an isolated island 10 years ago.

One day, Iel is faced with a huge truth that will change her fate.

What awaits at the end of the secret surrounding her identity?

Along with the Memorial Saga - < Iel > update, we have prepared the Memorial Pass.

Find out the truth about Iel’s secret and collect various rewards from the Memorial Pass.

※ Memorial Pass can be purchased with Crystals.

※ In this Memorial Saga, ‘Memorial Package’ will not be sold.

Signature Force

With the appearance of the new Signature Hero Vladimir, few functions in the Signature Force will be changed.

[ Signature Force – Minimum Enhancement Condition (Lenombe Stage 1) ]

Enhancement can be carried out if you fulfill the transcendence condition of 1 of the heroes of the nation’s Signature hero.

ㆍ Before : Have a transcended(more than 1 time) Rachel

ㆍ After : Have transcended(more than 1 time) Rachel or Vladimir

[ Signature Force – Required Material (Lenombe) ]

You can enhance by using 1 Signature hero that is connected with the Signature Link or with the Signature hero of its nation.

In the case for Lenombe, you can use Rachel or Vladimir to enhance.


As Vladimir is added to Scout, few functions in Scout will be changed.

▣ Scout Sharing Slot

A ‘Scout Sharing Slot’ where you can share scout among certain heroes will be added.

In the Scout Sharing Slot, you can fulfill the conditions by using the heroes of the same nation as materials.

However, you can choose the hero that you would like to recruit.

Moreover, the scout condition that you have stacked in the previous hero of the Scout Sharing Slot will be continued.

▣ Scout Button / Recruit Button Separation

The Scout button and Recruit button will be separated.

After you use the hero as a material for Scout, you were able to obtain the hero immediately according to the Scout condition.

Now, you can only use the hero as a material through the Scout button and once the Scout condition is fulfilled you can obtain the hero through the Recruit button.

▣ Auto Scout – Hero Obtaining Function Removed

The function where you fulfill the scout condition through the Auto Scout and obtaining the hero immediately will be removed.

Even if the scout condition is fulfilled, you can use the hero as a material through Auto Scout and obtain the hero through the recruit button in Scout.


The official season of Arkvurze will open!

Enjoy the exciting battles with competitors from all around the world.

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 21st (Sun) 14:59 2022 UTC

In this Arkvurze, there will be ‘Normal Battle’ and ‘Balance Battle’ will not be open.

All servers will be integrated and matched, and the matching conditions according to the Arkvurze Tier will be not be applied.

Moreover, the victory points protection and obtain according to the Tier difference of the competitors will not be applied.

Once you win in the Arkvurze battle, you will obtain points and if you beat another user that is in a higher tier, you will receive more points.

On the other hand, if you lose the points will be deducted.

If you lose in the battle against someone in a lower tier then you will be deducted more.

The season rewards of Arkvurze are as below.

Lastly, the ‘Arkvurze Pass’ required to enter Arkvurze will not be needed.

You can enjoy Arkurze as many times as you want with no limits.

Prove yourself in the first battle of Arkvurze!

Core Raid - < Time Walker Extend >

Chati / Corgi / Shell’s growth story have returned with a more mature ending.

Core Raid < Time Walker > Extend will begin.

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 10th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

[ Core Raid Shop ]

- In the Core Raid Shop, you can purchase items with the Raid Coupons.

- If you purchase all the Raid items, you can receive a Step-Up reward and also refresh it to the next Raid items through the Step-Up reset function.

‘[Event] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange)’ can be obtained without the hero.

[ Precautions ]

※ You can participate in Core Raid after clearing the Main Story Chapter 02. EP 03.

※ Raid items can be updated to the next step of Raid items by resetting the Step-Up.

※ Step-Up reset will not be available once you have obtained all the step-up rewards.

Get The Red! - < [CODE : ERATO] _ Rienor > Update

Get The Red! - < [CODE : ERATO] _ Rienor > is here!

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ September 11th (Sun) 19:59 2022 UTC

Once you clear the Get The Red! Mission, you can get mission points and receive rewards according to the number of points you have earned.

For this Get The Red! ‘s final reward, you can obtain Red Fatecore 『[CODE : ERATO] _ Rienor』.

Hero Battle

A Hero Battle where you can acquire new stories and heroes is open.

▣ Tomboyish Inventor - 『NIKA』

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 10th (Wed) 19:59 2022 UTC

Once the Hero Battle period ends, the current Hero Battle that you are playing will also end.

Hero Battle can be played after clearing the main story Chapter 02. EP 06.

Yupir’s Labyrinth

We have added some new gimmicks to the August Yupir’s Labyrinth.

[ Period ]

July 31st (Sun) 20:00 ~ August 31st (Wed) 17:59 2022 UTC

Exos Pass

The Exos Pass of August is opening!

Clear various missions and get rewards by raising pass experience points!

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 24 (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC

[ What is Exos Pass ? ]

: You can obtain Pass Experience Point by clearing Exos Pass battles and missions.

: Once you level up the Pass levels by stacking Pass Experience Points, you can obtain the reward of the current level.

: Exos Pass will be opened after clearing Story 05-01.

[ Exos Pass Reward ]

: Exos Pass consists of Free Pass and Premium Pass.

: You will need to purchase the Premium Pass to receive Premium rewards.

: Pass levels can also be raised by using Xes.

: Some parts of the Free Pass and Premium Pass rewards within Exos Pass have been changed.

: You can check the Exos Pass rewards in the game.

Cumulated Purchase Event

August’s Cumulated Purchase Event with Bitru is here!

[ Period ]

July 28th (Thu) After the update maintenance ~ August 24th (Wed) 23:59 2022 UTC

[ Precautions ]

* For the Step 4 Reward, you will receive ‘[Event] Seraphim _ Bitru (Orange)’ without the hero.

* You can select one hero out of Rachel / Bathory / Jinai / Garff / Shufraken / Dorka / Schmid / Carrie / Prithiof / Luna / Rienor / Vladimir from the Step 9 Reward - ‘Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket’.

※ You can get your currency from the event rewards by pressing ‘Receive Reward’ and it will be provided through the mailbox.

※ 7 days after the item purchase date, you may not be able to withdraw from the subscription.

※ Event items that were lost after the mailbox expiry date will not be recovered.

※ Rewards that were not collected after the event period has ended will not be recovered.

※ If a minor has purchased an item under their name without a legal representative’s permission, the purchase may be canceled.

Exos Heroes – Steam Client

Exos Heroes’ Steam Client is coming soon!

Currently in Steam, you can check Exos Heroes is up in the shop page.

Once Steam finalizes the process then you can meet Exos Heroes through Steam too!

We will inform you in detail regarding the Steam Client release through further announcement.

Convenience Improvement & Etc.

▣ Logo Screen Change

A new logo, ‘(n)erdystar_’ will be added to the loading screen.

The total time of loading screen will be the same as before.

▣ Market – Heowon's Old Store

In ‘Heowon's Old Store’, ‘Memory of Vladimir’ will be added.

Starting from August, you can purchase memory of Vladimir with ‘Medal of Dual’ or ‘Beads of Greed’.

▣ Air Squadron Raid

From next season’s Air squadron battle, ‘Memory of Vladimir’ will be added to raid’s reward ‘Random Hero Memory’.

‘Random Hero Memory’ can be obtained after 26 subjugation.

▣ Inventory – Maximum Amount of Equipment Increased

You will now be able to hold up to 2000 equipment in your inventory.

▣ Equipment Management – Slot Reset after Enhancement Improved

After enhancing your equipment in the Equipment Management, the phenomenon where the equipment slots were being reset will be removed.

▣ Artifact Summon Result Screen

The tool tip has been added to the Artifact that you touch and hold in the Artifact summon result screen.

▣ Inifinity Core

Passive skills of the monsters in the dungeon have been changed due to Infinity Core balance change.

ㆍ Before : Reduces Attack of target by 10% for 5 turns when attacked. (5 Stacks)

ㆍ After : Reduces target's Attack by 10% for 12 turns when attacked (can be stacked up to 5 times)

Bug Fix

ㆍ Hero

- Bernadette : Addressed the issue where the passive skill effect, damage immunity grant, is triggered even when the physical condition is not met after being hit.

ㆍ Artifact

- Bloody Battle of Extremes Leonart : Addressed the issue where the damage reflection effect is applied abnormally when the hero equipping the artifact is sharing health.

ㆍ Infinity Core

- Addressed the issue where the hero that has already been used in that week is not appearing dark in the Inifinity subjugation popup.

ㆍ Path of Trials

- Addressed the issue where the story jumps to another dungeon when touching the ‘Next Story’ button in the victory result screen in Path of Trials.

ㆍ Battle

- Addressed the issue where the break turn counts of ally are not showing in the bottom left side of the screen.

ㆍ Free Equipment Exchange Event

- Addressed the issue where the Artifacts are also shown as free to exchange during the Free Equipment Exchange Event.

ㆍ Village

- Addressed the issue where the arrow pointing Heowon’s location in the Village is showing abnormally.

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