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Director's Note

[Director’s Note] New Story & Hero Favorability Content ‘Red Threads of Fate’

Exos Heroes
2022.08.18 Thursday 15:00 (UTC + 9)


this is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.

In this director’s note, we would like to share with you the new story and the hero favorability content 'Red Threads of Fate'.

※ The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP

   Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.

New Story - < Chapter 30. White Night, Polar Night > Update

As Shufraken’s army is ready to go out ahead, Dragon Emperor’s chaos comes for North Von Frosty.

Brunn also starts to move as they hear Accor has revived.

North Von Frosty and Brunn’s stories are continued in the Story < Chapter 30. White Night, Polar Night >.

For a smoother story progress, Story Chapter 29’s battle balance will be eased.

Hero Favorability Content - < Red Threads of Fate > Update

The Hero Favorability Content ‘Red Threads of Fate’ that many of you have been waiting for will be soon updated.

Red Threads of Fate is an event content where you form certain heroes and go through the stories and missions to obtain an exclusive equipment as the final reward.

Red Threads of Fate contains 4 episodes and the story is carried on through conversions with the heroes.

The ending is decided depending on what choices you make and you will need to play various missions by forming a team with the ‘Heroes Together’ hero.

Red Threads of Fate’s first main hero is ‘Bathory’. We have put in the start of the special(?) relationship between Bathory and Anastasha sisters.

Please look forward to the Red Threads of Fate where you can have fun with the heroes in a special perspective.

New Signature Hero - < Honuk > Update

Baraka’s younger brother, Wasted Red’s royalty, ‘Honuk’ is coming as the new hero.

Honuk is a support type hero that uses bows, heals the allies’ health and supports the buff effects as a healer.

Honuk is another Signature hero that represents Wasted Red.

We will be supporting the Hero chance up, Door to Creation, Scout and many more so that you can meet Honuk faster. Also, in Signature Force, you can use Honuk as the condition and material for Wasted Red.

New Fatecore Theme - < Shining Way > Update

A new Fatecore theme < Shining Way > is coming soon!

< Shining Way > themed Fatecore will have 2 Blue Fatecores.

Each Fatecore will provide a buff effect to ‘Shadow Bane’ and ‘Wonderland’.

As you may already know, the Blue Fatecores cannot be used in Core Memory.

To make up for this Fatecore configuration, we are preparing a special Orange Fatecore in the Cumulated Purchase Event.

We hope that you beat the scorching Summer heat with the new < Shining Way > theme Fatecores.

Please look forward to the new Summer Fatecores.


Arkvurze’s first official season is on at the moment.

Many of you have been participating and enjoying the strategic battles.

In this update, we are planning to have certain days where you can match only.

We are hoping that this will ease the inconvenience by providing a faster matching process and a variety of users for you to battle against.

We will do our best to provide a better content thanks to all your support and participation.

Eternal Bond

Here are the 22nd Eternal Bond heroes.

In our next Eternal Bond, you can meet Carrie and Prithiof.

Convenience Improvement

▣ Unleash Potential – Unleash All Improvement

The Unleash All function will be improved.

There were some inconveniences in opening the lower stages one by one when trying to unleash all.

Now, if you select the stage that you want to unleash, the lower stages will automatically be selected.

▣ Inventory – Sorting Order Improvement

The Order standard of the inventory will be improved so that you can see what items you have easily.

In the Tab, the materials and memories will be put in the order of the ★ grade.

In the Memory Tab, the hero memories and Fatecore memories will be separated and put in the order of the ★ grade.

▣ Equipment Enhancement – Sorting Order Improvement

The order of the items that you can use as a material in equipment enhancement will also be improved.

Align the enhance stones that you have by its ★ grade, and then the enhancing equipment and its same enhance stone parts will be shown first.

Closing Comment

Hello. This is Director Young-Zun Choi.

Thank you so much for all your love and support towards Memorial Saga -

We preparing many more Memorial Saga stories to share with you the world view of Exos Heroes.

Please look forward to more stories to come!

Recently, we have added a new server a long with the release of the Steam Client.

In the recently added ‘WORLD’ server, we assume that there would be many problems as most of the contents and events are the same as the previous servers.

Especially for the case of the ‘Get The Red!’ event, it was made in the same standard as the previous servers so we believe it may be quite difficult to clear the missions within the given time.

We will prepare ways where we can relieve such difficulties as we watch how the WORLD server goes.

Please enjoy the new content ‘Red Threads of Fate’,

and as always, we Exos Heroes team will do our best!

Thank you!!

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