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About Exos Heroes and Memorial Crystals

Exos Heroes
2022.09.21 Wednesday 15:00

Exos Heroes, From Launch to Now

It has already been 3 years since Exos Heroes launched in 2019!

Countless users followed Zeon starting at Lenombe through Green Land, Estoris Republic, Wasted Red, North von Frosty, Brunn, Saint West, and more.

We would like to think that we were only able to service Exos Heroes for this long thanks to everyone that was along for the ride through the exciting journey across Exos.

To commemorate these moments, we recently sent out Memorial Crystals of Season 1 ~ Season 5 to the users.

We would like to explain in depth regarding these Memorial Crystals!

Memorial Crystals, The Tradable Virtual Asset

Memorial Crystals are NFTs of the adventures across Exos from Season 1 to Season 5, recorded in image form.

To put it simply, it was our gift to the users, so that they may keep the memories of Exos as images that also serve as assets.

Just like in the real world, how an art piece can be purchased for ownership which then can be traded by the buyer,

all users will be able trade these Memorial Crystal NFTs as soon as you receive them.

Since the value of NFTs are constantly changing, this could mean their value will increase in tandem with LUXON and DESPERADO B218's success.

Memorial Crystal Opensea Link

The Long Term Benefits of Memorial Crystals, in regards to the Upcoming Title

After receiving the Memorial Crystals, the user will be able to gain 'Staking Rewards' if they keep them in their possession.

The 'Staking Reward' is the equivalent of interest in a savings account or a stock dividend!

You can think of 'Staking Rewards' as a weekly reward from LUXON, since you have Memorial Crystals.

‘Balance Tokens’ will be sent out as a periodic reward of 'Staking Rewards'.

With these, the users will be able to exchange them for in-game items (such as currency/growth materials) in our upcoming title, DESPERADO B218.

So not only are the users receiving Seasonal NFTs, but they'll also be receiving item rewards to enjoy our upcoming title!

Gifting Memorial Crystals to the Users in Appreciation for the Love They have Shown Over the Years

In fact, they were created to celebrate the time our users have spent with us.

For the 3-year journey we had and for our future adventures,

we captured each season into NFT images and we wanted to use these to show our gratitude to the community.

We appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown us over the years and please look forward to what we have in store for the future.

How to Obtain Memorial Crystals

Currently, Memorial Crystals have been sent out to accounts that have record of attendance between UTC 4/20(Wed) 00:00 ~ 4/26(Tue) 23:59,

as well as having beaten the story content beyond Chapters 10-12.

For those who haven't received them, connect an Exos Heroes account with LUXON

then access and the crystals should be in 'My Inventory’.

Please refer to the guide below regarding linking Exos accounts.

Linking Exos Heroes Account to LUXON connected Wallet

Future Memorial Crystal Payment Schedule

Until now, the Memorial Crystals were sent out to users who were logged in during a specific time frame,

and therefore we couldn't offer the same benefits to those who had first joined Exos Heroes or returning players.

A lot of users were heartbroken and we know a lot of users are curious as to when future rewards will be sent out.

We think it is only fair to reward new users and returning users alike,

Which led us to plan a new schedule to send out the Season 6 Memorial Crystals in the future.

With the reveal of Season 6 story content of Exos Heroes just around the corner,

We are preparing an Exos Pass Event where every user will be able to obtain Season 6 Memorial Crystals.

Further details will be revealed through the community notice in the near future. Please look forward to them!

Thank you.


the Exos Heroes dev team

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