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Director's Note

[ Director’s Note ] New Mythic Hero & New Memorial Saga

Exos Heroes
2022.09.22 Thursday 17:30 (UTC + 9)


this is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.

In this director’s note, we would like to share with you the new mythic hero, Memorial Saga and contents improvement.

※ The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP

  Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.

New Story - < Chapter. 31 Rusted Sillage > Update

A seemingly spreading catastrophe has engulf Greenland and Estoris Republic.

Can the divided factions unite in the brink of disaster?

The story entering a new phase will be continues in < Chapter 31. Rusted Sillage >.

For an easier story progress, Story Chapter 30’s battle balance will be lowered.

Moreover, the passive effect of ‘Banshee’ who is a normal monster in Chapter 15 / 16 / 17 will be adjusted.

We have noticed many of you who have been having hard times clearing the stories because of ‘Banshee’. Therefore, we have decided to ease the difficulty.

New Mythic Hero - 『Cadmos』 & Mythic Challenge Mission

Captain of the 8th Knights, 『Cadmos』 will be coming soon as a Mythic hero.

Based on his strong convictions, the 4th Mythic hero Cadmos carried out cunning maneuvers to lead the Dragon Emperor Accor on the road to destruction.

Along with the release of the new Mythic hero Cadmos, < Mythic Recruit - 『Cadmos』 > and < Mythic Challenge Mission > event will also begin.

From < Mythic Recruit - 『Cadmos』 >, you can obtain Cadmos with a higher chance.

Moreover, in the Mythic Recruit, you can get Step-up rewards up to 5 times every ’11 recruits’.

< Mythic Challenge Mission > is limited period event for you to recruit Mythic heroes and if you clear various missions, you can obtain Mythic Hero Recruit Ticket as well as special points that you can use in the event shop.

We have added the new ‘Rest Point’ function for those who could not access the game during the < Mythic Challenge Mission > event period.

The Rest points are provided depending on the dates you did not access during the < Mythic Challenge Mission > event.

Once you have cleared all the daily missions the rest points will be exchanged with special points.

The rest points that you can use in a week will be limited to a certain amount.

With the rest points, we plan to support you all in buying the rewards that you want at the event shop and to recruit Cadmos as well.

Cadmos, who led Dragon Emperor to his destruction.

Please look forward to Cadmos along with the interesting stories.

New Memorial Saga - < Eluen >

The 5th story of Memorial Saga, < Eluen > will soon be released.

Although she has quite the personality, skill-centered Eluen looks up to the strong and is eager to become the best of the best just like them.

This Memorial Saga story is about an incident that occurred during Eluen’s days of a wandering mercenary trying to prove herself.

In this Memorial Saga - < Eluen > you can go through the stories after various battles.

For battle controls, we have made improvements so that the cursor doesn’t keep moving to the middle of the screen when you are using the controls on your keyboard.

Conquer the adventure and experience Eluen’s story!


Arkvurze is now into its 3rd season.

For those who are still new to Arkvurze, we have added the ‘Friendly’ match so that you can enjoy Arkvurze anytime without any restrictions to the matching period.

Arkvurze ‘Friendly Game’ is a new battle mode where you can enjoy Arkvurze with no pressure.

This battle can be played regardless of the matching period and you can not only play against your alliances and Air Squadron members but all the other users who participate in this battle.

The results of the Friendly Games are not recorded nor the Arena point or ranks are to be applied.

Practice Arkvurze with various users through this friendly battle function and show off your real skills on this new season’s battlefield!

Exos X Desperado Collabo Pass

A limited period event for you to obtain 'Season 6 Memorial Crystal’!

< Exos X Desperado Collabo Pass > is here!

'Memorial Crystal' is an NFT to commemorate our memories together.

The Memorial Crystal of Season 1 to Season 5 have been sent out tho those of you who have come this far until the first half of this year.

The Season 6 Memorial Crystal will be provided through < Exos X Desperado Collabo Pass > from this update to the following month.

Collabo Pass is a similar event content to the ‘Exos Pass’,

and you can obtain various rewards with the Pass experience points by clearing the battle missions and normal missions.

Once you have obtained the final reward from Collabo Pass, you can apply for the NFT.

You will need to ‘Connect with Luxon Account’ to request NFT.

For those who have been selected,

we will airdrop the Season 6 Memorial Crystal to you in groups each week.

Unfortunately, the amount of Season 6 Memorial Crystals that we can send out is limited,

therefore, it will be sent out to the first comers.

Apart from the Collabo Pass, the Exos Pass will also be on so please look forward to October with abundant events and rewards!

Eternal Bond

Here are the 23rd Eternal Bond heroes.

In our next Eternal Bond, you can meet Jinai and Schmid.

Convenience Improvement

▣ Inventory - All / Equipment Tab Order Improvement

Currently in the Inventory, the equipment is being put in the order of ★ grade as default.

We are planning to have the equipment be put in order in 2 ways depending on its grade.

You should be able to check the equipment’s worth with ease.

▣ Equipment / Artifact Enhancement – Filter Added

There were some difficulties in selecting the material to use where both of the equipment and artifacts that were enhanced and not enhanced were being shown together.

For this reason, we are going to be adding ‘Exclude Enhanced Equipment’ / ‘Exclude Enhanced Artifact’ filter functions.

You will be able to easily differentiate the items that have not been enhanced through this function and select the materials of your choice.

▣ Equipment / Artifact Disassemble – Select All Filter Improvement

We are planning to improve the issue where you are to disassemble equipment or artifacts and cannot differentiate the enhanced items through the Select All function.

Now, you can select the equipment and artifacts that have not been enhanced as default when using the Select All function.

However, ‘Include Upgraded Equipment’ category will be added so that you can also select the enhanced equipment if you want for convenience.

▣ Choice Fatecore Re’ – Blue Fatecore Buff Effect Mark

Choice Fatecore Re’ is an event where you can select the Fatecore of your choice to recruit with higher chances.

Now, when you select the Blue Fatecore from the list of recruit heroes, the buff information of the heroes will appear for you to check before making your decision.

Moreover, a tooltip function where you can check the details of the buff effect will be added so that it will help you when selecting the hero to recruit.

Closing Comment

Hello. This is Director Young-Zun Choi.

First of all, I would like to talk about the collaboration with the project ‘Desperado B218’.

I can’t tell you in detail since it may be a spoiler,

But the ‘Desperado’ worldview has a close relation to Exos Heroes worldview.

< Exos X Desperado Collabo Pass > will be the first in-game collaboration of the two projects, so we have planned this to provide you all with abundant rewards and special benefits.

Later on, we are are preparing many benefits by using the ‘Memorial Crystal’,

So please participate even if the collabo pass may be a little bothersome.

The 5th Memorial Saga will be revealed with the new hero ‘Eluen’.

This Memorial Saga will be about an incident that occurred during Eluen’s days of a wandering mercenary.

This will be our first attempt of a ‘Series’ in Memorial Saga.

You may feel that this update may be a little short,

However, the next story will be revealed in our very next update so please look forward to it!

The new handsome Mythic hero 『Cadmos』 is coming!

After the release of the PV, we have also felt all your attention and interest in Cadmos.

Please show some love and support to Cadmos as it has been quite a while since the release of a new Mythic hero.

It is already the end of Season 6.

In the next Director’s Note, we will be revealing the finale of Season 6 and many more content improvements.

Please look forward to it!

We are still open for business!

Thank you!!

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