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[Notice][Extension] October 13th Update

Exos Heroes
2022.10.12 Wednesday 17:30 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

There will be updated maintenance.

Please note that you may not access the game during maintenance.

The details are as below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

October 13th 11:00 ~ October 13th 12:30 13:30 (UTC+9)

* The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.

[ Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update.

[ Maintenance and Update Details ]

Update details may change due to unexpected issues.

New Package Update

Choice Fatecore Re’

▣ Choice Fatecore Re’

Choice Fatecore Re’ 

[ Period ]

October 13th After the update ~ October 20th 10:59 2022 (UTC+9)

[ Choice Fatecore Re’ ]

During a limited period, you can choose one of the Fatecore and recruit.

Your first recruit will cost 200 Xes and you will need 700 Xes after the first recruit.

Choice Fatecore cannot be changed after the selection

[ Blue Fatecore Buff ]

If you have a Blue Fatecore, it will be effective for those who apply the buffs.

If you have more than two Blue Fatecore, only the buff effect will be applied to the Blue Fatecore with the highest fusion Blue Fatecore.

Please check the details of the Blue Fatecore buff target and effect below.

Each Blue Fatecore’s buff target can be found in the game.

[ Blue Fatecore Buff According to the Fusion Grade ]

The buff effect will be strengthened when you proceed with Blue Fatecore fusion.

During grades, A through E are randomly determined and changed to the Maximum/Minimum range values according to the capability.

If more than once, it will be randomly determined among the higher fusion levels than the current level.

[ Precautions ]

※ From this Choice Fatecore Re’ you can select either Successor to the Throne Rachel / Beat Shooter Iden / Girl's Summer Yao / Black Moon Baraka / Extremely Passionate Topaki / Guardian of the East Garff / El Dorado Sabrina / Guardian of the Mind's Eye Rera / Shining Summer Dana / Heavenly Voice Kaya / Wings of Anguish Benten / Precious Lady of Brunn Seo-a / Prophecy Carrier Griesel.

※ The obtained rate for the hero that you have selected in the Choice Fatecore Re’ is 0.5% for Fatecores.

※ For every 11 recruits, you will obtain 1 core mileage.

※ For Gold Fatecores, 28 core mileages are required for guaranteed obtain and 19 for Black.

※ The core mileage will be deleted when Choice Fatecore Re’ ends.

※ The initialized mileage will be not recovered.

10th Hero and Fatecore Balance Abjustment

Here are the Hero and Fatecore adjustment that is coming up.

ㆍ Luna

ㆍ Uloom

ㆍ Tantalo

ㆍ Luke


Hero Battle

From this Hero battle, you wil be able to obtain Karin

▣ Blessing of Spirit Karin


October 13th After update ~ October 27th 04:59 (UTC+9) 2022

Air Squadron Battle

Air Squadron Battle will be open.


October 17th 05:00 ~ November 14th 04:00 (UTC+9) 2022

[ Air Squadron Battle ]

Once you join the Air Squadron, you can play and obtain rewards through Air Squadron activities.

In order to participate content it must need more than 10 members and complete the entry every week.

[ Precaution ]

※ The users with Master of the Air Squadron can be apply for participation.

※ Rewards will only be given to those who participated in 14 or more battles and raids

※ There are no banned heroes in this season/

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