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[Notice] October 20th Update

Exos Heroes
2022.10.19 Wednesday 16:30 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes.

There will be updated maintenance.

Please note that you may not access the game during maintenance.

The details are as below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

October 20th 11:00 ~ October 20th 14:00 2022 (UTC + 9)

* The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.

[ Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update.

New Package Update

Choice FatecoreRe’

▣ Choice FatecoreRe’ < Wanderers of the End > Recruit

[ Period ]

October 20th After the update ~ October 27th 08:59 2022 (UTC + 9)

[ Choice FatecoreRe’ ]

For a limited period, you can choose one of the Fatecore from this theme and recruit with a higher chance.

You may not change the Choice Fatecore after you had selected it.

Your first recruit (11 times) will cost 200 Xes and you will need 700 Xes after the first recruit.

You will still be able to purchase your first recruit with 200 Xes after acquiring your reward from the core mileage.

[ Precautions ]

※ From this Choice Fatecore Re’ you can select either 『Arcadia _ Awakened Zeon』 / 『Scavanger _ Dana』 / 『End of the World _ Seo-a』

※ The obtain rate for the hero that you have selected in the Choice Fatecore Re’ is 0.5% for Gold and 0.7% for Fatecores.

※ For every 11 recruits, you will obtain 1 core mileage.

※ For Gold Fatecores, 28 core mileages are required for guaranteed obtain and 19 for Black.

※ The core mileage will be deleted when Choice Fatecore Re’ ends.

※ The initialized mileage will not be recovered.


▣ Artifact Chance Up - 『Living Melody Biryong』Summon

[ Period ]

October 20th After the update ~ November 3rd 10:59 2022 (UTC + 9)

[ Main Artifact ]

* You can summon the Chance Up artifact with a higher chance than Premium Summon