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[Notice] October 27th Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.10.26 Wednesday 14:30 (UTC + 9)

Hello. This is Exos Heroes

There will be update maintenance.

Please note that you may not access the game during maintenance.

The details are as below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

: October 27th (THU) 09:00 ~ October 27th (THU) 14:00 2022 UTC+9 (5 Hours)

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.

[ Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update

[ Maintenance and Update Details ]

Update details may change due to unexpected issues

New Package Update

New HeroUpdate

A new hero 『Athlon』is coming to Exos Heroes!

▣ Hero Chance Up - 『Athlon』Recruit

“The leader of a famed mercenary group in the past

Although he was wrapped in a lot of controversies due to his erratic behaviors, no one doubted his actual skills.

When he was young, he committed everything he had to take revenge upon the North von Frosty rulers but failed.

The last rumor about him was that he had become a hopeless deject after losing everything.

It seemed as if he was going to lead a happy life by creating his own family with Ina, but that did not last very long.

Everyone believed his family was all killed during the Red Skull Airship Incident, but he had just given up on life and turned into a drunkard.

Whenever he ran out of money for drink, he would occasionally take on a quick job or two. But due to his inclusive character, he did not gain any fame.

Recently, there has been a rumor that he settled down in Saint West, but no one knew the exact reason why. “

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) After the maintenance ~ November 10th (THU) 10:59 2022 UTC + 9

[ Hero Chance Up Recruit ]

: You can acquire the Hero with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment

[ Precautions ]

※ ‘Athlon’ is a Fated-Grade hero.

※ The probability of recruiting in Hero Chance Up is 0.5%

※ You will earn 1 core mileage per 11 recruit

28 core mileages are required for a guaranteed obtain

※ There are no limits to mileage rewards that you can obtain

※ The mileages are initialized each time the chance up recruit is changed and it cannot be recovered

New Memorial Saga - < Roxane > Update

Memorial Saga - < Roxane > is now updated

Memorial Saga - < Roxane > is

a story about the events that occurred concurrently to < Eluen > from the perspective of Roxane.

We hope you enjoy the secretive tale about Roxane’s past and the old Greenland

In the celebration of the update for Memorial Saga – < Roxane >,

we prepared the Memorial Pass and Memorial Package.

In Memorial Pass, you will be able to receive various rewards based on your progress of < Roxane >.

In Memorial Package, you will be able to receive Athlon’s Special Orange Fatecore.

※ Memorial Pass and Memorial Package can be purchased with crystals

Story – Difficulty Level adjustments based on the Combat Power

Difficulty Level adjustments based on the Combat Power in the story are now improved.

Once your Combat Power for ‘Easy’ meets its condition, the monsters’ gimmicks will be adjusted.

Applied changes can be found in the monster information tab.

These changes will be applied to dungeons in Chapter 11 ~ Chapter 31.

The current setting of difficulty level on < Chapter 31. Rusted Sillage > will also be lowered for a better player experience.


The 4th Official Season of Arkvurze now begins.

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenance ~ November 20th (SUN) 23:59 2022 UTC+9

In this Arkvurze, there will only be ‘Normal Battle’ and ‘Balance Battle’ will not be available.

The matching conditions according to the Arkvurze Tier will not be applied and will be divided into 2-groups for matching.

ㆍ 1Group : KOREA / JAPAN / US / ASIA

ㆍ 2Group : WORLD

In addition, fore a more stable and faster matching process, the entrance times are scheduled as below.

Exos X Desperado Collaboration Pass

Collaboration Pass period is now extended to provide chances to more players

[ Period ]

ㆍBefore : September 29th (THU) after the maintenance ~ October 27th (THU) 08:59 2022 UTC+9

ㆍAfter : September 29th (THU) after the maintenance ~ November 24th (THU) 08:59 2022 UTC+9

Core Raid - < Sands in Time Extend>

Another parallel world crashing.

The tales of Baraka have returned.

Core Raid < Sands in Time Extend > now begins.

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenance ~ November 10th (THU) 04:59

[ Core Raid Shop ]

Raid Coupons acquired through Core Raid can be used to purchase items in the Core Raid Shop

Once you purchase every Raid Items, you can aquire a Step-Up Reward,

Through the Step-Up reset, you can get the next stage of Raid Items.

Only the Fatecores of ‘[EVENT] Desert Treasure Hunter _ Gale (Orange)’ can be obtained, not the hero.

[ Precautions ]

※You can participate the Core Raid after the completion of Chapter 02. EP 03

※Raid Items can be updated to the next step of Raid items by resetting Step-Up

※Step-Up reset will not be available once you have obtained all the Step-Up Rewards


We are organizing the 6th survey to take more opinions into account.

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenance ~ November 7th (MON) 04:59 2022 UTC+9

In this survey, we have included questions regarding the Red Threads of Fate - < Bathory > and the new heroes.

You can participate through the banner pop-up on the top right corner of the screen in Airship / World / Village.

A small reward will be sent out to everyone who participates in the survey.

We thank everyone for all your time and valuable opinions,

and we will do our best to provide better content and services.

Hero Battle

From this battle, you will be able to obtain Sharpei.

▣Dancing Blades - 『Sharpei』

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenance ~ November 10th (THU) 04:59 2022 UTC+9

Hero Battle Pass will be required to participate.

Hero Battle in progress will end after the date announced.

Once the Hero Battle periods, all of the ramining Hero Mileages are converted into Solarseals and are sent to your Mailbox.

You can participate the Hero Battle after the completion of Chapter 02. EP 06

Yupir’s Labyrinth

Yupir’s Labyrinth of November will open with new gimmicks.

[ Period ]

: November 1st (TUE) 05:00 ~ December 1st (THU) 02:59 2022 UTC+9

Exos Pass

Exos Pass of November begins.

You will be rewarded as you gain Pass experience by clearing the missions.

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenace ~ November 24th (THU) 08:59 2022 UTC+9

[ Exos Pass ]

: You can obtain Pass Experience Point by clearing Exos Pass battles and missions

: Once your Pass Levels go up through stacking Pass Experience Points, you will receive the reward based on your Pass Level

: You can participate Exos Pass after the completion of Chapter 05. EP 01

[ Exos Pass Reward ]

: Exos Pass consists of Free Pass and Premium Pass

: You will need to purchase the Premium Pass to receive Premium rewards

: You may use Xes to up the pass level

: You can check the Exos Pass rewards in the game

Cumulated Purhcase Event

Cumulated Purhcase Event of November with Bathory is here!

[ Period ]

: October 27th (THU) after the maintenance ~ Novemeber 24th (THU) 08:59 2022 UTC+9

* For Step 4 reward, only the Fatecores of the ‘[EVENT] Midnight Fiocco _ Bathory (Orange)’ can be obtained, not the hero.

* For Step 9 reward, you can select one hero from the liste below:

- Ricahel / Bathory / Jinai / Garff / Shufraken / Dorka / Schmid / Carrie / Prithiof / Luna / Luna / Rienor / Vladmir / Honuk

※ Once you press ‘Receive Reward’ in the game, the rewards will be sent to your Mailbox

※ You may not be able to withdraw after 7-days from the purchase date

※ Items that are lost after the mailbox expiry date will not be recovered

※ Rewards that are not collected after the event period will not be recovered

※ Purhcase may be canceled if a minor purchases an item under their name without a legal representative’s permission

Convenience Improvement

▣ Fatecore – ‘Exclusive Equipments’ Button &UI Improvement

Fatecore’s Exclusive Equipments button and redundant UI are now improved.

If the selected Fatcore has pairing Exclusive Equipment,

its relevant Exclusive Equipment will appear on the ‘Exclusive Equipment’ button.

Once you press that button, you will then be moved to ‘Exclusive Equipment Journal’ and check out further information on it.

In addition, we removed the redundant ‘Return’ button.

▣ FatecoreManagement / Enhancement – Sorting Function Improvement

The sorting function in the Fatecore management and enhancement page is now improved.

You can now use this function to manage ‘Mu’ by itself.

▣ Hero Introduction – Exclusive Equipment Preview

Exclusive Equipment Preview function is added to Hero Introduction page.

Exclusive Equipment& Posture Change Button will appear

on the bottom right corner of the introduction page of Hero or Fatecore with available Exclusive Equipment

With the Exclusive Equipment button, you can preview the hero with its Exclusive Equipment equipped,

and with the Posture Change button, you can view it from different Postures.

However, some of the Orange-Graded Exclusive Equipment does not have any pairing Fatecore,

hence, you will not be able to preview it.

▣ Exclusive Equipment Journal - Fatecore & Hero Info

You can now check the information on Fatecore and Hero in Exclusive Equipment Journal.

The information of the selected Exclusive Equipment and its pairing Fatecore will appear.

In addition, by changing the information function at the top of the Exclusive Equipment list,

you can change the viewed information to either ‘Exclusive Equipment Name’ or ‘Hero Name’.

▣ Exclusive Equipment Journal – Filtering and Sorting fucntion Improvement

Filtering function and Arrangement in Exclusive Equipment Journal is now improved.

‘Collected’ is applied and ‘Tier’ is added to Filtering function.

‘Tier’ is added to Sorting function.

▣ Equipment Enhancement – Bulk Selection Improvement

Bulk Selection function for Exclusive Equipments is now improved

The setting button is added to the left of Bulk Selection for Equipment Enhancement.

You can select the priority of Enhance Stone and Material through this setting.

For equipment, you can also select the ★ Tier of the equipment and the equipment that is used as materials.

Once you are done selecting and press the bulk select button, the changes will be applied as selected.

▣ Bathory’s Exclusive Equipment - 『Frost Flare』

Bathory’s Exclusive Equipment, 『Frost Flare』, which you could obtain from the Red Threads of Fate,

can now be obtained from the Exclusive Equipment Journal and Door To Creation, etc.

Bug Fix

ㆍ Hero

- Melissa : The irregular appearance of Melissa’s Thumbnail in Battle UI is now fixed.

ㆍ Fatecore

- [Unique] Twilight Sword _ Awakend Zeon : The irregular sound of Active 1 Skill for this Fatecore is now fixed

ㆍ Battle

- The irregular action that appears when a hero with ‘Counter’ as their passive skill attacks a hero with ‘Reflect’ as their Buff or Special effect is now fixed

- The inactivity of ‘Counter’ found when a hero with a chance to trigger ‘Counter’ attacks a hero with ‘Reflect’ as their Buff or Special effect is now fixed.

ㆍ Artifact Enhancement

- The irregular appearance of the Inventory button on the Artifact Enhance page is now fixed

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