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[Notice] [Completed] November 24th (THU) Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.11.23 Wednesday 15:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello. It is Exos Heroes.

There will be a maintenance held on November 24th for an update.

You may not enter the game during the time stated.

Please regard the details about the update below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

: November 24th (THU) 09:00 ~ November 24th (THU) 14:00 2022 UTC+9 (5 Hours)

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues.

*You may not enter the game during this period

[ Maintenance Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update

[ Maintenance and Update Details ]

Update details may change due to unexpected issues

New Package Update

New Story - < Chapter 32. AΩ > Update

Leaving the ruins collapsed by Accor behind, the fate of Exos Continents gathers at Lenombe.

Awaiting his inevitable destiny, what might lay in front of Zeon?

The last story of Season 6 ends with < Chapter 32. AΩ >.

New closing credit for the completion of Chapter 32 has now been added.

You may check it regardless of the multi-route you chose. However, you may also find additional closing credits depending on the route.

New Hero Update

New Hero 『Momoring』 is here!

▣ Hero Chance-Up - 『Momoring』 Recruit

“ A young girl from the Tori Clan living deep within the Snowy Mountains.

Momoring's village is completely cut off from the outside world thanks to Misty’s blessings. Since ancient times, her clan has befriended the wild yetis in the area. Thus, Momoring naturally grew up together with the Yeti Eumbambe.

Although Eumbambe is a lot bigger, Momoring is apparently older than her furry friend. Although she seems to be the only person who claims that…

Sometimes, the duo becomes curious and hikes down to the middle of the mountains. But the climate becomes too hot for Eumbambe and the two are forced to return to their village. Momoring loves the fabled tales that have been passed down the ages within her village.

Which is why she believes the story to be true and always bases her actions by it. Every day, dreaming of keeping her clan’s promise with Misty, Momoring marches around the Snowy Mountains with Eumbambe. “

[ Period ]

: November 24th (THU) after the maintenance ~ December 8th (THU) 10:59 2022 UTC+9

[ Hero Chance-Up Recruit ]

You can acquire the Hero with a higher probability than Premium Recruitment