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Director's Note

[ Director’s Note ] Season 6 Path of Trials and New Red Fatecore

Exos Heroes
2022.12.14 Wednesday 14:00 (UTC + 9)


It is Young-Zun Choi, the director of Exos Heroes.

In this Director’s Note, we are introducing you the new Path of Trials and new Fatecore of Shufuraken.

※ The name and details of the contents introduced in this Director’s Note are WIP.

Please note that they may change when the actual update is applied.

New Path of Trials - < Concentrated Path of Fate > Update

Every story of Season 6 has finally been revealed upon the update of < Chapter 32. AΩ >.

Season 6 dealt with the stages of the heroes' fierce encounters against the calamity of Accor.

Those dire moments against the bosses in Season 6 are the new addition to ‘Path of Trials - < Concentrated Path of Fate >.

Withstand the overwhelming pressure of the battlefield and challenge yourself to another victory.

Moreover, there will be adjustments to the combat balance in Chapter 32 and Path of Trials - < Path of Raging Waves > for easier progression.

New Signature Hero - < Bloody Phantom > Update

An organization behind the mask infiltrated Brunn with the objective of supporting Dorka

Brunn’s Crimson Dokkaebi, ‘Bloody Phantom’ is now coming to Exos Heroes as a new signature hero.