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[Notice] [Completed] December 22nd (THU) Update Announcement

Exos Heroes
2022.12.21 Wednesday 16:30 (UTC + 9)

Hello. It is Exos Heroes.

There will be a maintenance held on December 22nd for an update.

You may not enter the game during the time stated.

Please regard the details about the update below.

[ Maintenance Period ]

: December 22nd (THU) 09:00 ~ December 22nd (THU) 15:00 2022 UTC+9 (6 Hours)

*The schedule may change due to unexpected issues

*You may not enter the game during this period

[ Maintenance Effect ]

You may not access the game during the update

[ Maintenance and Update Details ]

Update details may change due to unexpected issues

New Package Update

New Path of Trials - < Concentrated Path of Fate > Update

The final events in Lenombe comes back as Path of Trials

New Path of Trials < Concentrated Path of Fate > includes 18 stages of Boss Dungeon battled in Lenombe

Challenge yourself to the fierce encounters

There will also be adjustments to the combat balance in Chapter 32 and Path of Trials - < Path of Raging Waves > for easier progression.

New Signature Hero Update

『Bloody Phantom』 is coming to Exos Heroes as a new Signature Hero

▣ Hero Chance Up - 『Bloody Phanthom』 Recruit

“ He was born in a dark alley where sound can't be heard.

Taken by someone without a word and raised by someone without a face.

Bloody Phantom faced different identities every day from the moment he could remember.

Facing different identities became constant, and different identities became himself.

He always remember the old proverb

The mask that he faces everyday was a mirror

Those identities even share the guilt every time he stroke someone

Everyone protected each other.

For the greater mission.

For the long mission of watching over the dragon.

It was like a shadow,

deeper than an easily shattered words.

They will stand on the shadow. “

[ Period ]

December 22nd (THU) 2022 after the update ~ January 5th (THU) 10:59 2023 UTC+9

[ Hero Chance-Up Recruit ]

You can acquire the Hero with a higher probability than premium recruitment