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[Notice] [Edited] [Completed] Feb. 9 (Thu) Temporary Maintenance

Exos Heroes
2023.02.08 Wednesday 16:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello, this is Exos Heroes.

There will be temporary maintenance during the period stated below.

You will be unable to play the game during the maintenance.

Please see below for more details.

[ Maintenance Period ]

Feb. 9 (Thu) 11:00 - Feb. 9 (Thu) 14:00 14:10 (UTC+9)

* The maintenance schedule may be subject to change.

* The game will be unavailable during the maintenance.

[ Maintenance Impact ]

You will be unable to connect to or play the game during the maintenance.

New Package Update

Choice Fatecore Re’

▣ Choice Fatecore Re’ ‘Awakening’

A new Recruit episode of Choice Fatecore Re’, ‘Awakening’, will begin.

[ Period ]

After the Feb. 9 (Thu) maintenance - Feb. 16 (Thu) 10:59

[ Choice Fatecore Re’ ]

During a limited period of time, you can choose a Fatecore and recruit it with a Chance Up.

The Fatecore you choose cannot be changed after you have selected it.

Your first Choice Fatecore Re’ recruit (11 Recruits) will cost 200 Xes, and after that, it will cost 700 Xes.

Also, your first recruit (11 Recruits) after you have acquired the Core Mileage Reward will cost 200 Xes.

[ To Note ]

※ In Choice Fatecore Re’ ‘Awakening’, you can select from the following:

Dragon Emperor _ Shufraken / Executor of Battlefield _ Rachel / Fairy Queen of Protection _ Lepin /

King of Wasted Red _ BarakaHeir to the Throne _ Ramge / Dominator of Battle _ Otard /

Blue Dragon's Descent _ Xiakhan.

※ In Choice Fatecore Re’ ‘Awakening’, selected Gold Fatecore can be obtained with a 0.5% rate

  and Black Fatecore with a 0.7% rate.

※ For every 11 Recruits, you will obtain 1 Core Mileage.

※ You will be guaranteed to receive the Fatecore if you obtain 28 Core Mileage with a Gold Fatecore selected,

  or if you obtain 19 Core Mileage with a Black Fatecore selected.

※ There are no limits to how many times you can acquire Mileage Rewards.

※ When the Choice Fatecore Re’ period ends, the Core Mileage you have collected will be reset.

  Reset Core Mileage cannot be recovered.


▣ Artifact Chance Up – ‘Vicious Gale Grius’ Summon

[ Period ]

After the Feb. 9 (Thu) maintenance - Feb. 23 (Thu) 08:59

[ Artifact Chance Up ]

* Artifacts can be acquired with a higher probability than with Premium Summon.