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Bundle of Crystals

Always sold


Purchase Amount1

Purchase 1,000 + Bonus 100Crystals

Purchase Guide

- Purchases can be made upon creating a character after logging in for the first time.

- Purchased products are sent directly to the linked game account (character) or to the account’s mailbox.

- This product can be used by all characters in the same account. 

- Products can still be purchased during maintenance, and claimed in-game after the maintenance ends.

- Delivery of purchased products can be delayed up to 10 minutes based on the server status.

If the product was not delivered properly, please contact Support.

- Accounts that have been restricted from the game are unable to purchase any products. 


- All purchased products last for 1 year, and products that are not used within that period may expire.

- A refund request can be made for refundable products within 7 days of purchase. However, partial products may not be eligible for refunds.

- Transactions by minors without the consent of a legal guardian may be canceled.

- Products purchased more than 7 days ago, and products that were claimed from the ‘Product Storage’ may become limited from refunds. The Product Storage can be accessed from in-game.

However, certain products may not be eligible for refunds.

- This purchase follows the condition of LINE Games Terms of Service.

- For any other inquiries, please contact Support.